Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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Jeffrey K. Frazier

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Sheriff Eslinger a Model of Corrupt Leadership


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     In 2008, I found myself getting increasingly frustrated simply watching the morning news in which yet another local public servant had been caught breaking the law. Unfortunately the usual outcome was that the Public Servant would be allowed to resign his/her position, in most cases even before the Internal Investigation in that agency was completed. In the case of elected officials, they simply left office or did not run for re-election. They were allowed to leave their well paid jobs with full retirement benefits intact. In the case of sworn Police Officers, their State Certification was not revoked .

     Even more disappointing the Local, State and Federal authorities declined to seek criminal prosecution, due to the fact that the accused had resigned their position. Or perhaps that is just the way the "System" works for special people.

     Instead of just shaking my head, yelling at the T.V. or settling for that's just the way it goes, I decided to get involved and with the assistance of close family and friends, we are trying to expose these criminal activities, and prove they are not ABOVE the law and deserve to face prosecution.

     I believe that together we CAN change the "Good Old Boy System".

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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
-Edmund Burke