Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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Our Mission has been to monitor and publish the actions of Government, Elected Officials and Government employees. As a result of the truths we have discovered and published, our First Amendment Rights are being attacked.
On Tuesday January 4, 2011 our web hosting company notified us:


Upon being notified by our hosting company of the threats from the attorney representing Sheriff Donald F. Eslinger and the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, we began communicating with our hosting company. Prior to posting this article we provided it to our hosting company.

Our web hosting company has provided excellent service to our Mission and has made it possible for the ugly secrets to be brought out of the shadows into the light. We will not publish their name because we understand the pressures faced by small businesses in this economy. Please respect their decision. They were forced.

Since we began these investigations we have repeatedly requested to speak with Sheriff Eslinger in order for him to make any corrections to facts which we have discovered. As a public servant, he refuses to extend even the most basic courtesy and speak with this business owner, tax payer and resident of Seminole County. Neither he, anyone from his office nor his attorneys have advised us of any violations of Florida Civil or Criminal laws.

Once again we see how our Sheriff acts. Does he take an honorable approach? NO, he hides behind lawyers and threatens a small web hosting business with litigation. As our Sheriff one of his duties is to protect our rights, of which the First Amendment, FREE SPEECH, is one of the most sacred.

Please read the attached letter, from his attorney dated November 9, 2010, and decide for yourself if this is the proper course of action that we should expect from the highest elected Law Enforcement Officer in this County. After receiving the letter we discovered several errors and as such we present them for your reading entertainment:

1. The attorney identified himself as representing the Sheriff as well as the SCSO and yet he advises that JOY LYNN WILLIAMS & MICHAEL J. LANEY are somehow victims of “false, malicious, threatening and defamatory matters”. Neither of these persons are represented by this attorney.

2. While the attorney believes that, "the web-site and e-mail domain /server are being used in violation of your Acceptable Usage and Content Policy", our web hosting company does not agree with his opinion.

3. The attorney advises,

"The use of Sheriff Eslinger’s name by registrant as a domain/address misleads the citizen who is performing an internet search for information about the law enforcement activities and services of Sheriff Eslinger and the agency as well as the recipient of correspondence received from the site."

It is so obvious that once a person goes to the website, that it can in no way be misunderstood as an official website from the Seminole County Sheriff’ Office, unless the reader is a moron and abject imbecile. We think that the Sheriff thinks too highly of himself. Not everyone knows his name or that he is the Sheriff of this tiny Florida county.

To quote the First Amendment rights lawyer Marc Randazza in the case of Mercury Radio Arts, Inc and Glenn Beck v. Isaac Eiland-Hall,

"Only an abject imbecile could believe that the domain name would have any connection to Beck"

"that the website’s domain name could not be confused with the "Glenn Beck" trademark, except to "A MORON IN A HURRY."

"It is specious at best for Mr. Beck to assert that his fans, or the public as a whole, would confuse Respondent’s website with Mr. Beck himself---unless of course it is Mr. Beck’s view that his fans and the average internet user are in fact hurried morons."

We do not believe that the, "citizens of Seminole County and the State of Florida and the officials and staff of state and local government, including the general law enforcement community," are morons or abject imbeciles as suggested in this letter from the attorney.

4. The attorney continues with,

"To date, the account holder intentionally, in bad faith and without the consent of Sheriff Don Eslinger has used his name and by implication the office of the Sheriff to mislead the public and to libel and threaten various employees."

Prior to legally purchasing the domain name a check was conducted. Donald (Don) F. Eslinger did not purchase any DOMAIN using his legal name or nickname. If it was so important to him then why did he not pay the $7.95 for it. Lets face it he is upset that he did not think that anyone would dare to PURCHASE the domain name. And he must still believe this because he has yet to purchase any of them.



We would like to see any document which misleads anyone to believe that the correspondences came from the office of the Sheriff or any County, State or Federal Agency or department. Concerning libel the statements must first be FALSE. Are these so called victims willing to testify under oath, under the penalty of perjury?

5. The attorney claims that :

"The registrant has sent e-mails from the address to various government officials and staff such as county commissioners, other Florida sheriffs, and the tax collector to make various public records requests under the guise of the Office of the Sheriff."

Obviously the attorney has not read each and every public records inspection request made in full compliance with Florida State Statute 119.07 in which the name, phone number and address of the requestor of the "PUBLIC RECORD" was revealed.

6. The attorney advises that threats were made to JOY LYNN WILLIAMS and MICHAEL J. LANEY "with intent thereby to extort money or any pecuniary advantage whatsoever, or with intent thereby to compel the person so threatened, or any other person, to do any act or refrain from doing any act against his or her will.."

What money was requested?
What pecuniary advantage was requested?
What act were they to do or not do against their will?

After several weeks without a reply both letters were sent via Certified mail to Sheriff Donald f. Eslinger requesting an investigation. Sheriff Eslinger refused to investigate the criminal allegations made by Deputy Sheriff Michael J. Laney against Sheriff Donald F. Eslinger and Joy Lynn Williams.

7. Then the attorney states:

"The web site is being used to then publish the "progress" and "results" of these so-called "investigations" by the account holder, and mislead the reader through the use of false but official-sounding indicia of legitimacy (i.e. "Complaint number 2009-092) which are generated to create the illusion of official law enforcement involvement."

INVESTIGATIONS is a term not specific to law enforcement ONLY. Many others do "investigations" and report their findings such as newspapers, television shows, political watch groups, consumer advocates, etc. to provide a PUBLIC SERVICE and INFORM the public.

Official sounding "indicia" language is due to 17 years of law enforcement service, training and specialized schools.

Please read the following letters from Capt. Martin Linnekugel and the February 2, 2010 reply from Sheriff Donald F. Eslinger. The COMPLAINT NUMBERS 2009-092 & 2009-101 were created by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Professional Standards and Development Section and not by us. A complete copy of all of the documents and the investigation conducted which resulted in this reply from Sheriff Eslinger will be posted in an upcoming article.

8. And prior to the DEMAND of the attorney he writes:

"All of the aforementioned agency personnel have suffered and continue to suffer great and unnecessary personal and professional stress and mental anguish as a direct result of this web address. The false and defamatory statements are damaging and may continue to damage their personal and professional reputations and future endeavors."

Every person whose dirty little factual secrets are revealed to the light of day are required to answer for their actions. Sometimes these actions result in criminal prosecution. Sometimes a persons character is exposed and everyone discovers just what kind of people they are. It is called taking responsibility for ones actions.

If these two employees of Sheriff Eslinger have been harmed it is due to Sheriff Eslinger’s failure to exercise the Office of the Sheriff and conduct an official investigation into the allegations made by Deputy Laney. Lets not forget that this all started by one man shooting off his mouth to a fellow law enforcement officer. Sheriff Eslinger should have requested that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement conduct an investigation into the allegations of Deputy Laney concerning the Abuse of Office/Official Misconduct by Sheriff Donald F. Eslinger. But then we know why this allegation is not being investigated. And yes sometimes THE TRUTH CAN HURT.

The internet and this website affords us the ability to reach many of you that otherwise may not be aware of the corruption in our local government and more importantly how these PUBLIC Servants REACT when confronted with the truth of their actions. Not many people take the time to research PUBLIC records or challenge government officials. We feel that it is important to provide this service and hopefully cause the "good ole boys" to realize WE are not going away!



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