Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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Mayberry "It's not that Sheriff Eslinger is ignorant of the law , it's that some people receive special treatment above the law!" Mayberry

     The wife of Sheriff Eslinger has called deputies on their cell phones several times for assistance. The Sheriff says his wife is not treated differently than anyone else. See article dated March 07, 2010. (Pay close attention to page 2 last paragraph)

     I am a resident and business owner in Seminole County. When I made a public records request for deputies cell phone numbers, my request was denied. I also requested the e-mail addresses for Seminole County deputies and this request was also refused. According the the SCSO website e-mail addresses are public record. Read the warning in the bottom center of Sheriff Eslinger's website. I guess this law does not apply to him?

     Please read my request and the response I received from the Sheriff's Office, then decide for yourself if Sheriff Eslinger treats all people equally.

     I sent another public records request for e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers today. I will post the response when I get a reply.


     UPDATE 10-23-2010

     I sent this letter to all the Sheriffs in the state of Florida. Several Sheriffs called and advised they had no idea what Sheriff Eslinger had been up to. I was also thanked for sending the letter.

     UPDATE 10-13-2010

     The Seminole County Sheriff's Office does not believe it has to provide public records. Click here to view the SCSO reply to the Attorney Generals Office. I have now contacted the State Attorney's Office to resolve this issue and it appears they intend to do nothing. Click here to view follow up e-mail.

     UPDATE 10-08-2010

     Ms. Lambert from the Attorney General's office has already responded to my e-mail. Click here to view the reply.

     UPDATE 10-07-2010

     I have now filed a complaint with the Attorney General about Sheriff Eslinger refusing to provide public records. I have also given Sheriff Eslinger another chance to provide these records as required by Florida law.