Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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To Lake Mary Police Officer
CHRISTOPHER DYE and I personally, Jeffrey K. Frazier, would like to publically apologize to PFC. Chris Dye for not believing the truth and for the statements which were made in our article titled "When is a Liar Not a Liar? When Sheriff Eslinger says so!"

A decision was made to take the word of an admitted Liar and others over that of Pfc. Dye in the writing of that article. This decision would be proven to be wrong. After almost one year from the date of the incident (October 31, 2011), which started a series of immoral, unjust and illegal actions against PFC. Dye, the Office of Norman Wolfinger (State Attorney for the 18th Judicial District) dropped all criminal charges against Christopher Dye.

Over several months I was able to speak with Chris Dye and get the rest of the story. Due to the pending criminal action against him our communication was limited. As time went on, it would be proven by public records that the arrest of Sean DeSilva was lawful and more importantly the charges for which PFC. Dye was arrested were false. At no time did PFC. Dye destroy any public records in order to cover up an unlawful arrest.

Upon all criminal charges being dropped by the Office of Norman Wolfinger against Christopher Dye, I finally was able to meet Chris in person as well as several of his family members. This first meeting was a surprise for me. I had never seen Chris before except of the News coverage and the man in front of me was sixty pounds lighter. I guess the fact that he had been falsely arrested, paraded in front of the News media, had them come to his home and not to mention being fired from your job can take a toll on a person.

We meet in a small diner which would shortly be revealed to be an old stomping ground of Chris’. While we were talking several patrons and employees approached Chris to express their support for him. It would be later revealed that these people had stood by Chris during this entire ordeal because they knew the man that he was and not the man that had been slandered by the local News media, included.

During our meeting which lasted several hours, I was shown several documents which revealed the TRUTH which had been lost in this entire miscarriage of justice. In a follow up article will reveal all the documents to include sworn testimony which proved that PFC. Christopher Dye never committed a crime nor violated any rights of Mr. Sean DeSilva.

As our conversation turned towards those "fine Law Enforcement officers" who had caused all of the harm and suffering to PFC. Dye and his family there was something missing. Chris was not angry at them. Chris shared with me that his faith in Jesus Christ was what protected him and allowed him to carry on. He wanted to give thanks to his Savior and as such it is only proper that I honor his request.

Due to the ongoing appeal process concerning the termination from the Lake Mary Police Department details of what actions are pending cannot be revealed at this time. As this process continues we at look forward to sharing these facts with our readers.

It is my hope that Christopher Dye would continue his career in Law Enforcement. Every day we read about yet another Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff who has dishonored themselves but yet remain in their profession. It is just these type of individuals which caused harm to this honest man . Three of these “officers & deputies” have been exposed for what they are. Deputy Rios was suspended, Sgt. Bates was suspended and demoted and Lt. David Prince was either fired or allowed to tender his resignation.

For those friends and family members who know Chris and the man of honor that he is, it was no surprise that he was cleared. For all of those "fine officers" who were involved in harming Chris and his family rest assured that the truth will come into the light and you will be exposed.

Again, I would like to express my apology to Christopher Dye and to his family and friends for not believing in him and for any harm which my article caused him.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
-Edmund Burke