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Oviedo Police Batter Disabled Man!

A (51) year old, permanently disabled Cuban-American, with an impeccable professional reputation and an ex- South Florida, decorated police detective, suffering from chronic progressive multiple sclerosis, was physically assaulted by the Oviedo Police on 08/10/12. The incident occurred in front of his Lake Charm Country Estates home, a private upscale gated community, in Seminole County.

The victim had to be transported to the hospital by fire-rescue after sustaining injuries, notwithstanding subsequent exacerbations of his neurological condition endured from all the stress and psychological trauma. This entire incident was witnessed by two people; the HOA president and the victim’s 16 year old son, whom is also being persecuted, intimidated, profiled and harassed by the Oviedo Police Department.

Armondo Fuentes

Said police department has failed to take corrective action against the officers and no investigation was ever done on their part. The entire incident was simply swept under the carpet. Since said incident, the victim and his minor son have been continuously followed and harassed by Oviedo police after they retained the services of a civil rights attorney.

"Armando Fuentes feels he is reliving the injustices his parents endured in communist Cuba, but this time in Oviedo, Florida. Living in Oviedo has been a nightmare".

Could his Hispanic heritage have something to do with this injustice, in a predominantly white community? Only Armando and his son with a typical Hispanic complexion, darker skin & hair have been the subjects of various frivolous traffic stops and unauthorized car searches by the Oviedo Police. Mr. Fuentes’ Anglo Saxon wife, with blue eyes and blond hair, has not experience the same issues with Oviedo Police.

After the City of Oviedo was notified of the intent to file a lawsuit, the Oviedo police harassment and persecution has gotten out of hand.

The Fuentes’ story has been aired by Univision on a Spanish talk show called "Agarando El Toro por los cuernos", (Grabbing the bulls by the horns) Central Florida’s WFTV News and Las Naciones News!, a South Florida news paper.


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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
-Edmund Burke