Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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Corporate officers:

  1. LARRY A. DALE President, registered agent
  2. MICHAEL J. GOOD Vice President Deleted 09/02/2009 by President Dale
  3. ARTHUR D. TYE Treasurer Deleted 09/02/2009 by President Dale
  4. EDWIN M. BOLLING (deceased)

Seminole County Commissioners:

  5. HENLEY *

* Seminole County Commisssioner presently on the BCC


  1. $280,000.00 OR $160,000.00 VALUE
     The investigation into the property owned by the taxpayers of Seminole County commonly know as the Boar's Nest Hunt Club began several years ago by people much smarter than me. I was first introduced to this situation by a fellow church member and friend. To be honest it seemed way to complicated to understand the facts until I started to hear the same stories from several people. The more stories I heard the more interesting this became and my interest was aroused.
     So for several months I started collecting documents in an attempt to separate fact from rumor. Since there are so many aspects to this story I had to find a way for everyone to understand what had happened and why. I decided the best way was to start from the beginning. As of this date there will be nine articles each on a different part of this subject. It is our hope that once the facts are presented to our readers certain rumors will be put to rest and certain truths will be exposed. You the reader will have to decide if the treatment afforded to these four people was normal or not. And after your decision is made each of you will have to choose what if anything you want to do with this knowledge.
     While reading these articles should any of you have information which presents the truth , please provide us with the facts. As we have already advised, since we have full time jobs, families and lives it might take some time to get through these articles.

The focus of this first installment is:

$ 280,000.00 OR $160,000.00 VALUE

How does 149 Acres of land in 1991 become 160 Acres in 1993 ? And how does land purchased in November 1992 for $157,500.00 with an appraised 1991 value of $149,000.00 get purchased by the Citizens of Seminole County Florida for $ 280,000.00? What happened to the land which increased its value by $122,500.00 in four months? These questions as well as others are what we will attempt to answer in the following paragraphs.

SAM & ROSE LEVY as owners of the property on or about May 1991 began to negotiate with representatives of Seminole County in order to sell the county approximately 149 Acres of land. Seminole County then contracted with a licensed appraiser in order to estimate the fair market value of the property. On May 6, 1991, Mr. WILLIAM B. GUY, ASA, prepared the appraisal in which he estimated the market value of the land to be acquired at $1,000.00 per acre for 149 Acres. On page 5 of Mr. GUY'S appraisal he writes, "The two parcels, composing the subject tract, are unimproved land, irregular in shape , containing 149 Acres, more or less, consisting primarily of native vegetation, hardwood trees, and palms. A large portion of the property is underwater and the property has no access."

In June 1991 Seminole County sends a purchase agreement to the LEVY'S in the amount of $149,000.00. This is verified by a letter sent from JOYCE SUBER to LARRY SELLER. In July 1991 the LEVY'S reject Seminole Counties offer to purchase the property for $1000.00 per Acre. On April 2, 1992 Seminole County reaches an agreement with the LEVY'S on a purchase price of $160,000.00. On December 13, 1992, ROBERT E. SEIGLER, representing Mr. GENE LEVY, contacts JOYCE SUBER, Property Acquisition Coordinator and advises that Mr. LEVY wishes to sell the property at the former agreed upon price of $160,000.00

On January 22, 1993, Mrs. SUBER contacts LARRY L. SELLERS recommending the purchase of the LEVY property for $160,000.00. Something happens between January 22, 1993 and November 24, 1993 and Seminole County does not purchase the property from the LEVY'S.

On November 24, 1993 the LEVYS sell the property for $ 157,500.00 to four married men identified as:
  1. EDWIN M. BOLLING (now deceased)
Six days later on November 30, 1993, the new owners of the Levy Property offer to sell the 149 Acres which they had just purchased to Seminole County for $160,000.00. The new owners make an offer to trade the 149 Acres with the value of $160,000.00 in exchange for the exclusive use of 2000 Acres of land located directly next to the Levy Property. This 2000 Acres of property is commonly known as the THRASHER / CAMERON PROPERTIES which was purchased by Seminole County. The total of 4000 Acres was purchased on or about October 1989 for $4,603,500.00 ($1,150.88 per acre).

On December 14, 1993 during a Seminole County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) meeting the " swap to acquire 160 acres of the former Levy property, now known as the Lefils Slough Property which faces the St. Johns River" was discussed. (NOTE: The 149 ACRES is now on being identified as 160 ACRES)

*** No documentation has been discovered to identify how the property increased by 11 ACRES. ***

February 22, 1994 during a BCC meeting two offers were presented :

RFP-175 Lease of 2000 Acres for 10 years term renewable at the sole
discretion of the County for additional 10 years,
excluding the 160 ACRE ( Levy property now owned by BOLLING, DALE, GOOD & TYE)
for $30,000.00 per year.

Offer # 2 from BOLLING, DALE, GOOD & TYE
PURCHASE AGREEMENT Lease 2400 Acres for 20 years.
After initial 10 year period County can terminate only for
an immediate, pressing and demonstrable need with pro-rata
buy-out as identified in the lease. Conveyance of a 160 parcel to the County.

(NOTE: Present day value placed on the property by the Property Owner is $280,000.00 ($1,750.00 per acre)

*** No documentation has been discovered by which the fair market value of the property was appraised at $ 280,000.00.***

During this BCC Meeting, "Commissioner MCLAIN stated he is very familiar with the property that is proposed to be swapped and, in his opinion, it is probably the most pristine area along the river." Later during this BCC Meeting , "Commissioner HENLEY stated he agrees wholeheartedly with Commissioner MCLAIN as he feels this property is something which the County needs to protect for the future." It should be noted that the professional opinion by MR. WILLIAM A. GUY was that. "...A large portion of the property is underwater and has no access."

This is where the problems begin. Where did the 160 ACRE description come from? All previous documentation identified the LEVY Property as 149 Acres, one parcel at 109 Acres and the other at 40 Acres. We will look at the true size of the property and who owns what portion of this property in the upcoming article titled, "WHOSE LAND IS IT?"

The next problem concerns how the property increased in value $122,500.00 in three (3) months. What happened to this land that its value increased at such a drastic rate?

And now the paper trail begins. On October 26, 2010 I emailed Commissioner BRENDA CAREY in an attempt to obtain a copy of the APPRAISAL which was presented to the BCC on or about February 22, 1994 which determined the Fair Market value at $280,000.00. On October 29, 2010, I received a reply from Mr. NEIL NEWTON, Major Project Acquisition Coordinator - County Attorneys Office, who advised,

"In speaking with Central Services, it appears that there was not an appraisal done for that transaction. I was told that the value used for that transaction was derived from the values in the CAMERON / THRASHER appraisal (or valuation - not sure of details) which was provided to you."

After reading Mr. NEWTON'S reply I telephoned him and requested to know why no appraisal had been conducted. He advised that he had been told the County wanted to save the cost of an appraisal. When asked why the BCC had ignored the 1991 appraisal which the County had paid for, he was unable to provide an answer.

With the assistance of Commissioner DALLARI, I was able to inspect the records on the Boars Nest which were in the possession of the County Attorney, Mr. BOB MCMILLIAN. No documentation could be located to explain where the 11 Acres came from . I was also unable to locate any documentation to explain what happened to the property which resulted in its increase in value. No appraisal was located to justify the $280,000.00 fair market value.

Having tried all of these resources for the answer to my questions I then turned to Commissioner HENLEY for his assistance. On November 15, 2010 I spoke with his assistant and requested that she present the following three questions to Commissioner Henley and that he provide an answer.

1. Where did the additional 11 Acres come from?
2. What written appraisal was utilized which provided the $280,000.00 value?
3. What improvements to the Levy Property explained the $122,500.00 increase in value in three months?

In order that there was no misunderstanding as to the nature of the information which I was requesting from Commissioner Henley, on November 16, 2010 I sent Commissioner HENLEY an email requesting the answer to five questions concerning his involvement with the original agreement.

On December 4, 2010, after not having received a reply from Commissioner HENLEY, I emailed both Commissioner HENLEY and VAN DER WEIDE the questions.

On December 22, 2010 a reply was received from Commissioner VAN DER WEIDE. The written reply is so vague but expected. In order to truly grasp the incompetence of our "elected public servants" you the reader will have to read the reply for yourselves.

The purpose of this first article was an attempt to answer a few questions concerning how a select few business men in Seminole County were able to use the property of the tax payers of Seminole County for their personal profit. We discovered how our elected officials made sure that these men were given the exclusive use of several thousand acres of land in order to run a for profit corporation for the benefit of themselves and for the public servants, friends and others who have been allowed to use our land for their entertainment. We attempted to have these questions answered by those same public servants whose memory now has faded.

Since our elected officials treat everyone the same, I suggest that every business owner, tax payer and voter in Seminole County request the exact same deal that was provided to the SEMINOLE COUNTY WILDLIFE ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED.

First, go find a nice piece of property that you would like to use for twenty years which is owned by the taxpayers of Seminole County.Then find a piece of swamp land which is below the ordinary high water mark . Purchase this swamp land. Then self appraise your piece of swamp land for whatever price you want, knowing full well that the Seminole County Commissioners will not question your appraisal. Submit a deal to swap your swamp land, which is legally owned by the State Of Florida, for the exclusive use of that nice piece of property which is owned by the tax payers of Seminole County. Then after the deal is done you go out and form a corporation in order that you can sell hunting rights on that land so you can make some money.

Here is where it really gets good. Even though you will have to sign a contract with the County, no one will really enforce the contract provisions for several years until some resident in Seminole County raises a fuss and then you will be given special treatment. Now it gets even better, since all the land including your swamp land is owned by the County you will not even have to pay property taxes. Oh no, it gets even better, then allow your Corporate charter to be dissolved by the State of Florida for non renewal and then the business tax office will not make you pay for any current or back taxes.

At this present time there are approximately 1200 properties owned by Seminole County . We hope that one of these properties meet your needs for profit and enjoyment and that with a little leg work you too will receive the exact same professional treatment that is afforded to LARRY A. DALE, MICHAEL J. GOOD and ARTHUR D. TYE.

If you enjoyed this article please read those to follow.