Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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Sheriff "TEFLON" Donald F. Eslinger!
Seminole County Florida.
Sheriff Donald F. Eslinger Sheriff Donald F. Eslinger


Standards of Conduct


     A.     Conduct Unbecoming:

          1. Employees shall conduct themselves at all times, both on and off duty, in such a manner as to reflect favorably on the Sheriff's Office. Unbecoming conduct shall include that which violates the values and organizational philosophy of the Sheriff's Office, canons of ethics, or written directives, that which brings the agency into disrepute or reflects discredit upon the individual as an employee, and that which impairs the operation or efficiency of the Sheriff's Office.

          2.     Examples of prohibited conduct include, but are not limited to, the following:

               b.     Participation in any immoral, indecent, lewd, or disorderly conduct while on or off duty.

               e.     Performing any acts or making any verbal or written statements that may bring the Sheriff's Office or any of its personnel into disrepute or ridicule.

               m.     Engaging in any discriminatory conduct, sexual harassment, or any other activity which is intended to be or likely to be offensive to any person.

*     Sometimes people are not who they represent themselves to be. When the truth is revealed so is their character.

*     Prior to publishing this photo, both men were confronted with the picture and given an opportunity to explain their actions. They declined.