Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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Investigating Agency:        COMMISSION ON ETHICS
Complaint Number:            10-139
Investigator Assigned:       Ron Moalli
Complainant:                      Jeffrey K. Frazier

Nature of Complaint: Florida State Statute 838 – Misuse of Public Office
Florida State Statute 838.022 Official Misconduct.
Date of Complaint: August 25, 2010
Status of Complaint: January 11, 2011, the investigation by Inv. Moalli has been completed and forwarded to the Attorney Generals Office for their review.


July 19, 2010           Request for investigation  forwarded to Special Agent Tony Rodriguez F.D.L.E.
July 25, 2010           Additional documents : (24) forwarded to Inspector Brett Lycett F.D.L.E.
July 25, 2010           Copy of Complaint  forwarded to Special Agent Denise Day F.B.I.
July 30, 2010           Inv. Lycett files  Investigative report # EI-73-8512.
August 25, 2010     Per instruction of Inv. Lycett  Complaint forwarded to Florida Commission on Ethics, CE Form 50.
August 30, 2010     Sheriff Donald F. Eslinger  is notified by Commission on Ethics of complaint.
January 7, 2011      Inv. Moalli advises that he has completed his investigation. A Probable Cause hearing has been set for April 1, 2011 in Tallahassee.
January 11, 2011    Commission on Ethics has advised that their advocate in the Attorney Generals Office has been forwarded the complaint and that it is under review.


If this issue concerns you please make your concerns known to our new Attorney General. We hope that this complaint will be given careful consideration and examination and that the law will be applied equally to this Public Servant. Your voice matters.