Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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The Violation of FHP Trooper's Civil Rights

Just a SMALL Wave!

When we hear about the violation of a Citizens Federally protected Civil Rights by Law Enforcement Officers it is pretty scary. But when Seminole County Deputy Sheriff / Investigator Larry Pirkola, out of curiosity, decided to violate the Rights of Donna Jane Watts, Deputy Pirkola harmed a fellow Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). The pending Federal lawsuit will reveal the “why” as to the other eighty seven (87) law enforcement officers but for now , we are told that Deputy Pirkola believed curiosity was good enough a reason.

Having obtained the FOUR page transcription of the taped interview of Deputy Pirkola by Professional Standards Investigator Joy L. Jackson (formerly known as Joy L. Laney aka Joy L. Williams), more was revealed about the mindset of Deputy Pirkola and surprisingly of Investigator Jackson. (1)From reading the transcript it appears as if Deputy Pirkola was indeed sorry for his illegal actions which caused him problems but does not appear to be concerned with the harm committed by his actions against FHP Trooper Watts.

Deputy Pirkola admits to being ignorant (lacking in knowledge) of the SCSO General Order #45 and that "it was just for my own information" and " didn’t even enter my mind that I may have been breaking a general order." .(2) Deputy Pirkola admits that he had no law enforcement purpose for accessing Trooper Watts’ drivers license information. To best understand the concerns of Deputy Pirkola you only need to read and listen to the answer that he provided to Investigator Jackson when she ask:(3)

"Anything you want to add?"

To which Deputy Pirkola responds:

"No, I just, sorry to, I just wanted to sail through my career here and not make waves, and here I am making a wave, you know, it just…"

Investigator Jackson comments:

"It’s a small one."

What is missing here? How about, I am really sorry for any harm that my illegal actions caused Trooper Watts. Or maybe, any sign of concern or remorse for the victim. Or how about all the violations of State and Federal Statutes which he violated? The only concern that this fine Seminole County Deputy expressed centered abound himself and how this WAVE would interfere with his sailing through his career. I doubt that this “wave” will have any effect on sailing through his career seeing as how Sheriff Eslinger puts such little value on Federally protected Civil Rights that the only punishment handed out was a Written Reprimand.

Now let us look at this fine, outstanding, professionally trained, educated and highly qualified Professional Standards Investigator by the name of Joy L. Jackson. If the name Joy L. Williams aka Joy L. Laney appears familiar, well it should. If you will read our story "Adultery by Sheriff"(4), you will discover how Joy L. Laney was hired only a few months after her mother had a conversation with Sheriff Donald F. Eslinger at the scene of a suicide. Only one problem, Sheriff Eslinger was not allowed to speak with Joy Laney’s mother that evening. You see Mrs. Williams was sitting on the Federal Grand Jury which was looking into actions committed by some members of the City County Investigative Bureau (CCIB) under the leadership of then Lt. Eslinger. This same Grand Jury then declined to issue an indictment. But then again that is a Federal law and we have discovered how highly Sheriff Eslinger places Federal Laws.

So back to our story. The first thing that jumps out at you is the length of the interview. FOUR pages!!! Are you kidding me? And just look at how many lines are devoted to the meat of the investigation? Can you count as high as 54 lines? Not sentences mind you, only lines. You will observe that the first one and half pages are devoted to only background information of Deputy Pirkola. Then comes the tuff questions. But what questions are missing?

We at compiled a few questions which we believed might have been important to obtain the answers to. Basic questions to be answered are, Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. And as such here are a few of our own:

  1. Do you have a copy of SCSO General Orders?
  2. Did you sign any document that you have read and understood and agree to obey these General orders?
  3. Have you ever had any class on the D.A.V.I.D system?
  4. Did you know that the Federal and State Laws which govern the information in D.A.V.I.D. resulted from the death of an actress whose stalker obtained her address off of a drivers license search?
  5. Are you aware that your actions were a violation of Florida State Statutes?
  6. Are you aware that your actions are a violation of U.S. Federal Laws?
  7. Are you aware that these Federal Violations have both criminal and civil penalties?
  8. Have you ever heard of or have knowledge of United States Code Title 18, Section 2721 thru 2725?
  9. Are you aware that ignorance of the law is not a defense to your actions?
  10. Are you aware that you cannot use ignorance of the law as a criminal defense?
  11. Where were you when you first saw the "tape in question"?
  12. What "tape in question" are you referencing?
  13. How much time took place between when you viewed the tape and when you accessed the information out of D.A.V.I.D?
  14. Where were you when you accessed D.A.V.I.D?
  15. Were you on duty when you viewed the tape?
  16. Were you on duty when you accessed D.A.V.I.D?
  17. On what computer did you access D.A.V.I.D?
  18. Explain the protocol you used to access D.A.V.I.D?
  19. Are you required to check off any warning as to the unauthorized use of D.A.V.I.D prior to retrieving information?
  20. Did you check off that this access was for an official law enforcement purpose?
  21. Why did you lie?
  22. Was this the first time that you decided to violate a Citizens Federally protected Rights?
  23. Did you take an oath of office for the position of Deputy Sheriff under Sheriff Eslinger?
  24. Was this the first time that you violated the Federally protected Rights of a fellow Law Enforcement Officer?
  25. Do you understand that our agency has been required to retain legal counsel to defend your actions?
  26. Do you understand that you have admitted to these violations and that civil and criminal State and Federal prosecution could be initiated against you as well as this Agency?
  27. Do you understand that our evidence, except for this interview can be used against you in a criminal proceeding?
  28. Do you understand that our evidence to include this interview can be used against you as well as this agency in a civil proceeding?
  29. Do you understand that our evidence cannot be destroyed like our agency destroyed the evidence in the Swofford case? (5)
  30. Would you be willing to apologize to Trooper Watts for violating her Rights?
  31. Would you be willing to settle with the victim and pay $5,000.00 out of your own pocket so that the Citizens and taxpayers of Seminole County would not have to pay for your actions?
  32. What punishment do you believe would be justified against you for violating the Rights of Trooper Watts?
  33. Why should Sheriff Eslinger not fire you?
  34. Will you resign?

Obviously some of our questions are extreme and hostile towards Deputy Pirkola. But when is the violation of the rights of a Citizen let alone the rights of a fellow Law enforcement Officer justified at the hands of anyone let alone of a Deputy Sheriff? Unless the Office of Seminole County Sheriff places a higher value on Rights we will continue to observe the decline in morality within that Office.

And for our readers who believe that the Office of Professional Standards is there to police their own, let me open your eyes. While on paper this sounds like a noble idea, in reality we believe, that the Office of Professional Standards is operated in order to protect the Sheriff and to obtain as little evidence as possible for any future litigation against the Sheriff.

Find another Law Enforcement Agency in Florida whose supervisor has occupied that position for as many years as Captain Martin Linnekugel? As for Investigator Joy L. (Williams, Laney) Jackson, Seminole County Taxpayers deserve better. We deserve someone who can conduct a detailed, professional and hard investigative interview.

On January 2, 2013 information was received which verified that Sheriff Eslinger has decided to waste even more of our Tax dollars to fight this admitted violation of Trooper Watt’s Rights.

Click on below documents:

  1. Transcription of interview of Deputy Sheriff Larry Pirkola
  2. SCSO General Order 45
  3. Audio Tape of Interview of Deputy Pirkola 2.2MB
  4. Adultery by Sheriff Article
  5. Robert G. Swofford -vs- Donald Eslinger/Federal Case No. 6:08-cv-Orl-35DBA

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
-Edmund Burke