Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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Full Disclosure – The Facts Relating to OLYF and My Law Suit
By: Dale Di Bernardo

Approximately one year ago I came across a story in the Orlando Sentinel about a local father who had filed a lawsuit against a local not for profit organization. As the story was reported it left the reader to believe that there was no basis for the suit, when in fact the Judge dismissed the case based on his opinion that the father no longer had standing to file the suit. The fact that anyone would go to such great expense not to mention the time involved to expose what he believed to be an injustice, compelled me to contact Mr. Di Bernardo. After hearing his story it was decided that since the truth would not see a courtroom then the next best avenue would be to publish all of the facts, documents and findings which were revealed during the months of litigation. extends an invitation to each and every person named in the following series of articles, to explain in their own unedited words their side of this story. As for everyone else, hold on to your chair, it might be a bumpy ride.

0. Purpose-Disclaimer and Update
1. Why the Law Suit
2. Florida State Issues
3. IRS Issues
4. Unauthorized Purchases and Donations
5. SCPS and OHS Deception
6. OLYF OHS and The City of Oviedo
7. Frank Sloan and Personal Inurement
8. Summary