Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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Geneva Florida U.S. Post Office

Shows lack of Respect to Our Nations Flag

You would think that in a country community like Geneva Florida that it would be surrounded with patriotic individuals. Well speaking as a Citizen of this community I can attest to the fact that the people who live here love our Country and Honor the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces.

It is a shame that those that work for the US Postal Service here in Geneva Florida 32732 do not have the same respect. On June 26, 2013 after the close of business I observed that the US Flag had been lowered to the bottom of the flag pole and left there. No one was around and I thought that it must have been a mistake. People are human and things happen. But it was not an isolated incident. Over the next week I observed that this "mistake" continued to happen.

Finally on July 5, 2013, I was able to speak with an employee in the Post Office. You see we have special hours here in Geneva, not like everywhere else. Having confronted this employee I inquired as to why the Post Office employees were so lazy as to not properly lower and secure the Flag each night.

To hear that they were aware that the Flag was not removed off of the pole at night and only lowered to the bottom of the pole was unbelievable. But I was informed that there was no disrespect meant by these actions. To this I can only say actions speak louder than words.

For all of us who have served in the Armed Forces of this Nation our Flag has a special meaning. It is not just any piece of red, white, and blue cloth. To me our Flag stands as a symbol of our country and a reminder of all the men and women who have died and continue to give their lives, in defense of this country and of this republic. Is it too much to ask, that those who reap the benefits, of the sacrifice given, by those who have given their last full measure, show respect to the Flag for which so many have shed their blood?

No, it is not too much to ask of these US Postal workers. Maybe they do not understand the words "respect and Honor" and they probably cannot even spell the words "Shame on You", let alone understand the meaning.

So here is a little lesson. Our Flag is to be respected. It is to be lowered each day at the close of business unless it is illuminated with a light dedicated to the Flag. Our Flag at times as a symbol of respect is to be flown at half staff. And at times of distress it is to be flown upside down. When lowered it is never to touch the ground and when it becomes old and faded it is to be destroyed in a proper manner.

And if you cannot show the respect to Our Nations Flag then please do not fly it nor pretend that it has any meaning to you. Because, Our Nations Flag, does mean something to us.

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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
-Edmund Burke