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"Lieutenant David Allen Prince, Not Prince Charming"

In this Age you would think that the idea of "No Women Allowed" would be an old cliché. Especially after all of the so called advances in Women’s rights and all of the litigation which has already taken place concerning the issue of Sexual Harassment and creating a hostile work environment. has discovered that the Good Ole Boy Club is alive and active in the City of Lake Mary located within Seminole County Florida. In the following pages we will provide documented evidence to support our position that sexism is an accepted practice which is even rewarded by the Lake Mary Chief of Police. (LMPD)

Our story begins in 1969 when two boys first meet. Steve A. Bracknell, would later become the Chief of Police for the Lake Mary Police Department (LMPD), the other, David A. Prince, would become a Lieutenant in the Professional Standards/Internal Affairs section of the LMPD. How it came to pass that these two fine law enforcement officers ended up at the LMPD is itself, the true definition of a Good Ole Boys Club.

Steve A. Bracknell began his career in law enforcement on 5/13/1979 and joined the Winter Park Police Department (WPPD) on 11/27/1979.(1) David A. Prince would begin his career in law enforcement on 8/11/1983 and would also join the WPPD on 11/17/1983. (2) will not dwell into the history of either of these officers while at the WPPD except for the manner in which both ended their employment.

On or about 6/10/1996, then Lt. Bracknell, WPPD, was involved in what would later be revealed as a career altering motor vehicle accident/crash while off-duty. (3) As a result of the injuries reported by Lt. Bracknell, Lt. Bracknell was unable to perform the duties of a police officer. On February 22, 1999 Lt. Bracknell was advised by the City Manager of Winter Park, James S. Williams, that the City of Winter Park proposed to end its employment relationship with Lt. Bracknell. (4)

Now how is it that a highly respected member of the WPPD was being placed into this position? Documentation would reveal that a series of communications and meetings took place long before this Feb. 22, 1999 letter. (5) The City of Winter Part paid Lt. Bracknell for over a year during which time Lt. Bracknell utilized all of his sick time, vacation time and 180 days of City Time during which Lt. Bracknell was unable to perform the physical requirements of a police officer.

From the documentation obtained it appeared as Lt. Bracknell continued to refuse to grant permission in order for the City of Winter Park to consult with Lt. Bracknells doctor, Reginald L. Tall, or to examine the medical records in order to determine if Lt. Bracknell could perform the essential functions as a Law Enforcement officer.(6) Upon examination of the November 9, 1998 letter from Randy B. Knight, City Manager Winter Park, it was revealed that the injuries were so severe that Lt. Bracknell qualified for the "Long-term disability program." Mr. Knight explained the Cities position in regards to this matter and that Lt. Bracknell was not physically able to perform all of the essential functions of any lieutenant's position at the WPPD. Mr. Knight went in great detail in explaining:

"The City is not willing to compromise or jeopardize the mission of the Police Department or safety of yourself, other employees, or the public by placing you in that position."

On November 30, 1998, Mr. Knight continued to request access to Lt. Bracknell's doctor and medical records. (7) Four months later after exhausting every remedy available the City Manager, James S. Williams, advised Lt. Bracknell on March 3, 1999, of the following:

"Based on all of the information available to me and the City, and for the reasons set forth in my February 22, 1999 letter to you and the enclosures, this is to inform you that your employment with the City of Winter Park is terminated as of 5:00 p.m. today."

The following day, March 4, 1999, Mr. Bracknell responded to this notification that he was terminated and advised:

"I am in receipt of your March 3, 1999 letter advising of my termination". (9)

The entire letter has been enclosed for examination. Why you may ask, has gone into such detail over an officer being "terminated" from his job due to medical reasons? Well as this story developed we discovered that the common meaning of certain words appeared to have been changed by some of our "finest" in law enforcement.

So there is no misunderstanding, Lt. Steve A. Bracknell is terminated, fired, let go, given the boot, or handed a pink slip. Whatever word or phrase you choose to use, can we agree that Lt. Bracknell did not tender, summit and or give his resignation? Can we agree on this point? (10)

Time passes, and on July 12, 2001, Steve A. Bracknell submits an employment application to the City of Lake Mary for the position of "Inspector".(11) is attempting to obtain information concerning when this position of "Inspector" was created and what other persons held this position before or after July 12, 2001. As information is obtained we will notify our readers.

Now the interesting thing about this "Employment Application" is found on page number 2. Mr. Bracknell advised that he had been previously employed by the Winter Park Police Department from 10/23/1980 until 3/3/1999 and that his response to the question:

"REASON FOR LEAVING", Mr. Bracknell wrote: "retirement"

Now as we all know words are supposed to have the same meaning. So who is lying here? Is it the City Manager of Winter Park Florida or is it Mr. Bracknell? One says "terminated" and the other says “retirement”. So what is the big deal after all it isn’t like Steve A. Bracknell signed this Employment Application under the statement:

"I certify that the above information is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I make this statement with knowledge that any false or misleading statement or omission of material facts MAY BE SUFFICIENT CAUSE FOR DISMISSAL. I authorize the verification of the information I have submitted in this application."

But we have a problem. Mr. Bracknell did sign the application under this declaration. But then maybe the words, "correct and complete", "to the best of my knowledge and belief", or "false and misleading statement or omission of material fact", means something other than what we simple folk believe them to mean.

So what happens with this Employment Application? To begin with it is given to the Deputy Chief of Police LMPD, Samuel L. Belfiore Jr. in order for a "Background Investigation Report" to be conducted. (12). In reviewing this Report we are again presented with the word "retired". In this report Deputy Chief Belfiore writes:

"Mr. Bracknell retired due to an injury sustained while off duty."

"He held a supervisors position at the Winter Park Police Department prior to his retirement."

"Mr. Bracknell retired from Winter Park Police Department due to a non-work related automobile accident."

Also listed on page one of the report under references was:

"2. Sergeant David Prince of the Winter Part Police Department was contacted and stated he has known Mr. Bracknell since 1969. Sergeant Prince had nothing but complimentary things to say about Steve."

Now how is it that the word "Terminated" has been misplaced in the application and background report? Well surely the background report went into detail of the physical limitations as a result of the motor vehicle accident? No such record was located. Well surely there was some documentation from Mr. Bracknells doctor advising that Mr. Bracknell could now perform the functions of a law enforcement officer, or could he? No such record could be found.

On 8/27/2001 Steve A. Bracknell began his employment with the Lake Mary Police Department. (1)

While Inspector Bracknell was getting settled into his new job at the Lake Mary Police Department, Sergeant David A. Prince was having a career altering experience within the Winter Park Police Department in that he was sexually harassing seven female police officers. Sgt. Princes' disgusting behavior resulted in an internal investigation conducted by Watch Commander, Arthur S. King. (See Internal Investigation report # 2002-11-01 dated January 15, 2002) (13).

As a result of this internal investigation, on January 15, 2002, Chief of Police Douglas M. Ball, informed Sergeant David A. Prince that the "City of Winter Park proposes to terminate your employment with the City of Winter Park." (14) The following day, January 16, 2002 an "AGREEMENT BETWEEN DAVID A. PRINCE AND CITY OF WINTER PARK" was negotiated.(15)

In this "Agreement" the following disciplinary action was taken against Sgt. Prince:

The employer will take the following disciplinary action as a result of the findings of IA2002-11-01;

a. The employee will be suspended without pay from January 8, 2002 until January 18, 2002.

b. The employee will be demoted from his current position as Sergeant with the Winter Park Police Department, Pay Grade 121, Step 8 to the position of Police Office, Pay Grade 118, Step 9 effective January 18, 2002.

On page 1 of this agreement under the section: “The employee agrees to the following:

4. The employee agrees to voluntarily submit a letter of resignation from employment with the employer at the time of execution of this agreement with an effective date of January 21, 2002. (16)

So what did David Prince get out of this "Agreement"? Well in examining page 2 of the document we discover several monetary considerations but under item 4 the following:

4. "The employer agrees that the employee’s personnel record will reflect he was disciplined as outlined in Paragraph 1 of this section for violation of City policies and the employee’s work record will further reflect that he voluntarily resigned his position with the City."

But our story does not end here, in fact it is just beginning. Re-enter Inspector Steve A. Bracknell, remember at this time he is employed with the Lake Mary Police Department. On January 22, 2002, one day after David A. Prince letter of resignation goes in effect, Steve A. Bracknell issues a "Certificate of Training" to Mr. David A. Prince. (17)

Why would Inspector Bracknell need to provide this training to Mr. Prince who was now a civilian? Was there no one else that could provide this training and issue a “Certificate”? And how was it that Inspector Bracknell even knew that Mr. Prince needed this training? And what conversations took place about the need for this training?

This certificate of training was issued on January 22, 2002 certifying that David A. Prince has satisfactorily completed 4 hours of "Sexual Harassment Training". The training location was listed as, "265 E. Crystal Lake Avenue, Lake Mary, Florida 32746". The Certificate is signed by “Steve A. Bracknell” with the title, “Certified Human Diversity Instructor”. has provided a copy of this "Certificate of Training" for your review and entertainment.

As a result of the internal investigation and resignation a series of documents were mandated to be forwarded to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Included in these documents were the following CJSTC Forms:

1. CSTSC Form 78 , Internal Investigation Report:(18)

"Nature of Allegation(s): Sexual harassment by creating a hostile work environment. Conduct unbecoming a member of the supervisory force. Immoral, unlawful or improper conduct or indecency, either on the job or off, which would tend to affect the employee’s relationship to his job, his fellow workers, his reputation or goodwill in the community."

2. CJSTC Form 61, Affidavit of Separation (19)

"Voluntary Separation or Retirement while being Investigated for Violation of Chapter 943.13(4), F.S. or Violation of Moral Character Standards as defined by 11B-27.0011,F.A.C." (20,21)

NOTE: "CJSTC Form 61A must be completed and submitted with CJSTC Form 61 for either of the following"

3. CJSTC Form 61A, Affidavit of Separation (22)

Detailed Description of Misconduct

"David A. Prince, in the position of Sergeant as a member of the supervisory force, made improper or inappropriate remarks of a sexual nature to seven female subordinate police officers. Furthermore, Sgt. Prince improperly and inappropriately touched five of the seven female subordinate police officers in the area of their breasts, their buttocks and their thighs thereby creating a hostile work environment."

On January 29, 2002 , Michael D. Crews, Bureau Chief FDLE, writes a letter to the Chief of Police for WPPD, Douglas M. Ball in response to the CJSTC Forms 78, 61 and 61A having been received at FDLE. According to the time stamp this letter was received on January 31, 2001 at the WPPD. In this letter copies of all” investigative reports, transcribed statements, and the officer’s current home address and telephone number was requested.(23)

On January 31, 2002, Michael D. Crews, Bureau Chief FDLE, writes a follow up letter to Chief Ball. In this letter Mr. Crews advises:

"This case will be presented to the Panel, as a Consent Agenda Item, to issue the officer a Letter of Acknowledgement, in recognition of your agency’s disciplinary action, coupled with the officer’s self-initiated sexual harassment training, meeting the Commission’s penalty guideline for the misconduct." According to the time stamp on this letter it was received on Feb. 4, 2001. (24)

Now we understand why the Certificate of Training for the Sexual Harassment was so important to be issued. Without it the Commission’s penalty guideline for the misconduct would not have been satisfied.

Now as a very wise man once wrote, "Trust but Verify". It should be noted that this proof of training was forwarded to the FDLE. It is unknown if this document was forwarded by U.S. Mail, Faxed or hand delivered. The importance of how this document was presented to FDLE in Tallahassee will be explained later in a follow up story. Needless to say this official document was presented to the FDLE in an official proceeding.

Upon examining the "Certificate of Training" a few questions presented themselves:

1. The address was listed as 265 E. Crystal Lake Avenue, Lake Mary Florida 32746.

Problem: On June 26, 2012 it was verified that 187 E. Crystal Lake Avenue was the last address on the roadway; therefore, the address of 265 E. Chrystal Lake Avenue does not exist in the City of Lake Mary.

2. There is no Seal from the certifying agency or department.

3. The Certificate of Training identifies Steve A. Bracknell as a Certified Human Diversity Instructor.

Problem: An examination of the Global Profile Sheet revealed that Steve A. Bracknell did not receive his Instructor Certificate until 2/15/2002, approximately three weeks after he conducted the Sexual Harassment Training on 1/22/2002. (1)

On page 2 of the Global Profile Sheet it advised the following training received by Steve Bracknell:

4/8/1983      Instructor Techniques
12/8/1989   Community and Human Relations

Having discovered this information telephone contact was made with FDLE at which time information was received which indicated that within an Agency such as the Lake Mary Police Department, officers were permitted to instruct fellow officers of the same Agency/ Department; however, they were not authorized to instruct officers from another Agency without first being certified by FDLE. It should be noted that on January 22, 2002, Mr. Prince was neither employed by the LMPD or WPPD. It is unknown if this class was conducted through the LMPD or the Seminole Community College where Steve A. Bracknell taught at the time and presently still teaches.

A public records inspection revealed that Steve A. Bracknell was issued:

  1. March 1, 1989 INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION from FDLE/ CJSTC. (25)
  2. June 3, 1997 Human Diversity Instructor Workshop for participation in the Program. (26)
  4. Feb. 15, 2002 INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION (28)

4. Under what authority was the Sexual Harassment Training issued?

Problem: The certificate does not list the address of the LMPD or Seminole Community College.

5. What was the legal status and in what capacity was Steve A. Bracknell operating in when he conducted this training?

Status as Employee of LMPD

  1. Was this class given at the LMPD under the authority of the Chief of Police?
  2. Why was a civilian permitted to take a class given by an on duty employee?
  3. Who was compensating Bracknell while he was giving this class?
  4. Is there a class roster for this class given on January 22, 2002?
  5. Where is the class syllabus?

Status as Employee of Seminole Community College

  1. Why is the address that of a non-existing location?
  2. Why does the Certificate not identify that it was issued from the College?
  3. Was Mr.Bracknell permitted to give classes for Seminole Community College from a tax payer funded location?
  4. Did SCC compensate Bracknell for giving this class on January 22, 2002?
  5. Is there a class roster for this class?
  6. Where is the class syllabus?

Status as Operator of own business

  1. Was Mr. Bracknell authorized by the State, County, or Municipality to conduct this business?
  2. Was Mr. Bracknell licensed to operate a school?

As the answer to the previous questions are obtained we will note these facts in an upcoming article.

So let us now move forward in time four months. On or about May 24, 2002, Inspector Steve A. Bracknell is assigned to conduct a background investigation on Mr. David Allen Prince for the position of Sworn Law Enforcement Officer for the City of Lake Mary. And yes this is no joke!

In the "Background Investigation Report" completed by Inspector Bracknell we discover the following: (24)

"He recently retired from the Winter Park Police Department."

"After review of and investigating provided information, I can find no information that would preclude the applicant from employment with the City of Lake Mary."

"I recommend that we forward the applicant’s background to the City Manager for final approval."

Now the interesting part of this "Report" is found on page #2. Inspector Bracknell writes:

"On May 23, 2002, Deputy Chief Samuel L. Belfiore called the Winter Park Police Department to speak to Chief Douglas M. Ball. He received a return call from Deputy Chief William E. McEachnie of the Winter Park Police Department who advised that he was returning the call for the Chief. Deputy Chief McEachnie would not answer any questions other than the standard questions. He advised Deputy Chief Belfiore if he required additional information he would need to make an appointment to view the applicant’s file."

Why would Chief McEachnie respond in such a manner? The answer was found in the agreement signed by the City of Winter Park and David A. Prince. Chief McEachine was not permitted to discuss Prince. Naturally Inspector Bracknell would immediately travel down to Winter Park and “view the applicant’s file” as Deputy Chief McEachnie suggested. Or would he?

Well if Inspector Bracknell did travel to WPPD there is no mention of this trip or of the resulting information contained in David A. Princes’ file. As a matter of fact there is no mention at all of the Sexual Harassment Complaint, the Internal Investigation, the Sustained investigation, the punishment to include suspension, demotion in rank and agreement to tender his (Princes) resignation from the WPPD.

Now why would these facts be omitted from the Background Investigation Report? Could it be that if the Chief of Police of Lake Mary, Richard Beary, had been presented with these facts it might have influenced Chief Bearys’ decision to hire Prince? Could it be that Inspector Bracknell, the highly trained, experienced, educated, honest Law Enforcement Officer just forgot to put these minor details in the report? We at believe that this must have been a mistake, an error, an oversight, a boo boo. You know a simple misunderstanding. But no matter what you call it David Allen Prince , was hired and became a Police Officer for the City Of Lake Mary on 6/28/2002.(2)

Time passes by. Chief Richard Beary leaves LMPD and becomes the Chief of Police at the University of Central Florida. Steve A. Bracknell becomes the Chief of Police of the Lake Mary Police Department on 6/18/2007.(30) Officer Prince moves up the Chain of Command and becomes a Lieutenant and is in charge of Internal Affairs/Professional Standards. It should be noted that with this position, Lt. Prince is in charge of his own investigation files.

We can assume that with a Police Department the size of Lake Mary it was common knowledge that Chief Bracknell and Lt. Prince had a strong relationship. But as the saying goes, a Tiger is a Tiger, a Leopard is a Leopard, a Snake is a Snake and a Sexual Harasser is, well you know! And as time passes, on January 24, 2011, a female police officer with the City of Lake Mary mustered the courage to say enough is enough. Officer Marie Crawford filed a Complaint with Chief Steve A. Bracknell alleging multiple occasions of sexual harassment by Lt. David A. Prince. (31)

On February 14, 2011 after an independent investigation which was conducted by Mike Roper, identified as a Labor Attorney, the City Manager, John Litton issues a letter to Lt. Prince. (32) In this letter Mr. Litton writes:

"While I also believe that you meant no harm or sexual overture towards PFC. Crawford, the three (3) sustained instances do constitute violations of Resolution #502 which is the City’s Non-Discrimination /Sexual Harassment Policy."
As a result, the following actions will be taken.

  1. You will forfeit three days (24 hours) of vacation time.
  2. You will attend at your own expense (not to exceed $250.00) a diversity training program which we are in the process of selecting.
  3. You will communicate either verbally (with a witness present) or in writing to PFC Crawford an apology for her perception of the sustained actions/violations outlined in the investigation.
  4. You will not retaliate in any way, shape or form against PFC. Crawford or any of the witnesses who participated in the investigation.

On April 12, 2011 Officer Marie Crawford sends a letter to the City Manager of Lake Mary, John Litton , requesting that he reconsider the punishment to Lt. Prince and requests his help. (33)

On May 18, 2011 Chief Steve A. Bracknell advises FDLE via a CJSTC Form 78, Internal Investigative Report, of the Allegation of Sexual Harassment. (34) It should be noted that this notification was mandated to be forwarded to FDLE within 45 days. But who needs to obey rules or laws, obviously not the Chief. Do the math Feb. 14, 2011 and May 18, 2011.

On line 11 of the Form 78 it is noted that the allegation was for a violation of Agency Policy and that it was "Not Sustained".

On line 14 of the Form 78 it noted under Agency Disciplinary Action: "Forfeit 3 days vacation, attend H.D. training and apology to Crawford."

On June 22, 2011, Officer Marie Crawford files a discrimination complaint based on sex and retaliation with the Florida Commission on Human Relations. (35)

On June 27, 2011, PFC. Crawford through her legal counsel notifies the City Manager, Mr. Litton of her complaint and of the hostile work environment.(36) Litigation commences which results in a Settlement Agreement between Mrs. Marie Crawford and the City of Lake Mary on May 21, 2012. (37)

On Monday July 2, 2012 a meeting took place with the new City Manager, Mrs. Jackie Sova as a result of obtaining Chief Steve A. Bracknell’s application for employment dated July 12, 2001 and the issue of "Termination vs. Retirement". (11) At this time Mrs. Sova was presented with the Internal Investigative report on WPPD Sgt. David Prince as well as the Background Investigation Report conducted by Inspector Steve Bracknell on David Allen Prince.

Based on the facts presented and the omission of the sustained Sexual Harassment complaint on WPPD Sgt. Prince and of the Certificate of Training issued by Steve A. Bracknell a request was made for the investigation of Chief Bracknell. Mrs. Sova was advised that as a result of the omission of material facts concerning the Sexual Harassment of females at the hands of Sgt. Prince, he (David A. Prince) obtained employment with the City of Lake Mary which resulted in further victims of women at the hands of Lt. Prince.

Mrs. Sova advised that she was not willing to initiate any investigation against Chief Bracknell without a written complaint. Mrs. Sova advised that the documents from the Winter Park Police Department and the Lake Mary Police Department and FDLE were not enough! To hear this reaction from the City Manager after presenting public records and of her personal knowledge of the Officer Marie Crawford sexual harassment complaint was unbelievable. But then again there is a Good Ole Boy Club operating in Lake Mary Florida and just maybe Mrs. Jackie Sova believes that the boys will look the other way and forget that she is a woman.

And as for Lt. David A. Prince, well he is still at the Lake Mary Police Department. And yes the Citizens of Lake Mary paid for all of this. The labor attorney to investigate the incident, the manpower expended to investigate the sexual harassment, the attorney to negotiate the settlement as well as the $58,450.00 paid to Mrs. Crawford and her attorney. And let us not forget the loss of a female police officer. Did we forget to mention that Officer Crawford left the department. But it gets even better. has discovered that not only has Lt. Prince been placed in a position of authority over females at the Lake Mary Police Department but he is a Part Time Adjunct Professor at Seminole State College in their Criminal Justice Program. (38) But in case you did not know, Chief Bracknell is fully aware that the women at Seminole State College will have the pleasure of David A. Prince as their professor. You see, before any officer is allowed to work any Secondary Employment the officer is required by the Chief of Police under General Order 2-11.6 to obtain prior approval.(39) However; in the case of Lt. Prince, he only obtained verbal permission after a verbal request. And how is it that we know this, well on July 12, 2012 Lt. Prince submitted a memorandum to Chief Bracknell requesting authorization for off duty employment. What is missing from this "Request" is the identity of all of the College Universities that Lt. Prince is teaching at. (40) has a suggestion for all of you women out there who come in contact with these fine upstanding law enforcement officers. Remember your place and your role and maybe one day you too will meet your Prince Charming.


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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
-Edmund Burke