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City of Lake Mary Florida REWARDS Lt. David A. Prince with a GUN

For those honest men and women in Law Enforcement here in Seminole County Florida you must truly be delighted as to Lt. David A. Prince being rewarded for ten years of outstanding and professional service to the citizens of Lake Mary. As our story left off the City of Lake Mary had entered into a settlement agreement with former Officer Marie Crawford and Lt. Prince received that harsh slap on the wrist.

But more has happened since our story was published. We will first provide additional information before we share how this "fine officer" is to be rewarded for his service to the City of Lake Mary.

On April 1, 2012 Lt. Prince received his yearly Performance Evaluation. (1) A copy of the evaluation has been provided for your reading entertainment. To say that the evaluation reflected positively on Lt. Prince would be an overstatement. We have provided the following excerpts for your review:

"There are times when the work being performed is embellished which tend to make the situation larger than what it is. I have spoken to Lieutenant in reference to this issue and believe he will make progress in this area."

"He understands the significant but sometimes gets distracted by other influences."

"Lt. Prince could show more initiative in setting his own goals to achieve more, but I have found that he will procrastinate or get involved in other areas that distract him from his duties."

"… or in other words, he wants Capital items to get the job done but hasn’t budgeted for them."

"I have found that instructions have not been carried out by Lieutenant Prince; when questioned, he responds that he did not understand or was not clear on the assignment."

"He is not over bearing in his expenditure request, however, when something come to his attention that may be a product we could use, he wants to purchase it without developing a plan for the use."

"He needs to take actions and make decisions without direction to assure the lines of communication are open and positive outcomes prevail."

"He does have problems when he finds cases delegated to his section cases that should be handled by the original officer, however at times comes off as being heavy handed in telling others that he is not going to handle the case."

And finally the Performance Evaluation states:

"Lieutenant Prince has some issues at this time which has brought the City into a civil litigation. These issues are coming closer to the court filings and the Chief and I have spoken to him about his future plans and if any incident occurs which raises a red flag, we may have to move on without his services."

"Lieutenant Prince needs to continue on his current path and be "oh so mindful" what he says that may be misinterpreted?"

It should be noted that this Performance Evaluation was rated by Deputy Chief Colin W. Morgan on March 20, 2012 and reviewed by Chief Steve A. Bracknell on March 22, 2012.

On August 20, 2012 Lt. Prince obtained a NOTICE OF REMEDIAL ACTION in reference to an unauthorized vehicle pursuit. In this Letter of Counseling Deputy Chief Morgan advises:

"I have discussed this incident at length and Lt. Prince and he disagreed that this was a pursuit due to the distances between pursuing vehicle and the police vehicles."(2)

It is unknown at this time what convinced Lt. Prince to tender his resignation but on Friday August 31, 2012, Lt. Prince has a meeting with his Detectives, packed up his office and left the Lake Mary Police Department. A copy of the "Letter of Intent for Retirement" revealed that:

"This is to notify you of my desire to retire from the City of Lake Mary Police Department effective date of September 14, 2012. As you know, an opportunity has presented itself that has been a goal of mine for quite some time. I have pondered this opportunity for several months and have made a decision that is best for my family and me." (3)

Records reflect that on the same day, August 31, 2012 an ACTION REPORT was submitted authorizing "Administrative Leave with Pay" for David Prince. This was requested by Chief Bracknell. (4)

In addition to the above public records having been obtained on September 4, 2012 was a pre dated CITY MANAGER’S REPORT dated September 6, 2012 in which Deputy Chief of Police Colin Morgan was requesting the City Commissions approval to surplus one Glock model 22 serial number EYU432US to be presented to David Prince "as a retirement gift from the City."(5)

So let us all recap what is going on here. Sgt. David Prince is investigated by the Winter Park Police Department for physically and verbally sexually harassing seven women at the Winter Park Police Department. The investigation is sustained on all counts against Sgt. Prince. He is suspended, demoted and required to tender his resignation.

Mr. Prince is then given a Sexual Harassment class, by his friend since 1969, newly hired Inspector Bracknell with the Lake Mary Police Department, the day after Mr. Prince leaves the Winter Park Police Department. And let us not forget that the address where this "Sexual Harassment Training" was reported to have taken place does not exist. Inspector Bracknell creates a “Background Investigative Report” on David Prince who is trying to get back into police work and fails to even mention the Internal Affairs Investigation which forced David Prince out of the Winter Park Police Department only four months earlier.

Chief Richard Beary then hires David Prince. Chief Beary leaves Lake Mary Police Department and Steve Bracknell becomes the Chief of Police. David Prince is promoted to Lieutenant and becomes the Detective Bureau lieutenant as well as the professional standards lieutenant. Lt. Prince then continues to sexually harass women which results in a lawsuit from a former police officer, Marie Crawford.

The City of Lake Mary then retains legal counsel to defend the civil action by Marie Crawford. Unknown tax dollars are expended as well as man power hours which results in a cash settlement of $58,450.00.

Now the City of Lake Mary wants to reward David Prince by giving him a semi-automatic pistol for ten years of “what kind of service”! What a slap in the face to every honest Police Officer that has worked for the City of Lake Mary. What a disgusting example to the women who were victims of this fine example of a law enforcement officer. And what does this say for everyone who has put their name to this REWARD?

We at believe that you do not reward bad behavior. You punish bad behavior and expose the truth to the light of day for everyone to see. And let us not forget that David Prince also teaches at our local Colleges or does he? In case he still does let us share a couple of words with these administrators; "Vicarious liability and Negative retention". They might also like to read; "Enforcement Guidance on Vicarious Liability or Unlawful Harassment by Supervisors"; EEOC # 915.002 dated 6/18/99.(6)

We at would like to express our gratitude to the Winter Park Police Department for their detailed investigation of David Prince and of the actions which they took to protect the Citizens and especially the female employees of the City of Winter Park. In reviewing the detailed Investigative report by Watch Commander Arthur S. King, the facts presented were in such detail to stop David Prince from ever obtaining a future job in Law Enforcement in Florida. Even the detailed report submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) insured a warning to any future potential employer.

As for now the story does not end with the departure of David Prince. In our next article we will expose yet another former officer with the Winter Park Police Department by the name of James Joseph Wallace who presently works for the Lake Mary Police Department and yes his background investigation was also done by Inspector Steve A. Bracknell.

Guess what information was left out of Sgt. Wallace’s Background Investigation?


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-Edmund Burke