Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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Altamonte Springs Police Department

  1. Altamonte Officer fire lane violation
  2. Lies, Rumors and Honor stolen.
  3. Cream of the Crop.

Casselberry Police Department

  1. Casselberry Police Chief sued for Sexual Misconduct
  2. Casselberry Police Detective Robert Martin & the Fourth Amendment

Lake Mary Police Department

  1. When Dirty Cops LIE about an Honest Police Officer
  2. Lt. Prince Lake Mary PD.
  3. City of Lake Mary give David Prince a firearm as gift.
  4. Chief Steve A. Bracknell of the Lake Mary Florida Police Department

Oviedo Police Department

  1. D.A.V.I.D is NOT a dating service!
  2. Oviedo Police Dept. and no Privacy Rights!
  3. Man with multiple sclerosis claims Oviedo officer pushed him to ground

Sanford Police Department

  1. Sanford officer fired for activating Taser.
  2. Trayvon Martin’s Homicide Investigation. 07/28/2013
  3. FOG WATCH: 5th District Court of Appeals: Chandler v. City of Sanford

Florida Department of Financial Services Division of Insurance Fraud

  1. Dine & Dash!

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

  1. The Truth, Lies and Audio Tapes

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
-Edmund Burke