Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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This page is dedicated to the memory of:

William (Bill) Edward Parham

May 1926 - Oct 2011

New York City Police Detective


Message from Midge and Bill's favorite poem.

Of all the articles that we have written none is more important to us than this one. It is our hope that you will come to understand our feelings and the respect that we have for our friend and partner, Bill Parham. It is because of his tenacity and courage that we have been able to expose the corruption here in Seminole County Florida and will continue to do so.

On October 30, 2011 Bill Parham ended his last tour of duty. While retired for several years before his passing , Detective Parham never stopped trying to expose corruption here in Seminole County Florida in order to make his home a better place to live. While he was with us , Seminole County Florida was a safer and better place to live. With Bill’s passing he has left us with his wife of 61 years and his only daughter. Bill Parham

William Edward Parham was born on May 1, 1926 in New York City ,New York. With the start of WWII, young 17 year old Bill felt the calling to protect his country. Due to his age he required permission from his mother to enter the service. After not receiving her permission, Bill turned to his father for his permission. Bill Parham served honorably in the United States Navy from 1942 to 1946 having obtained numerous citations and awards to include the Bronze Star.

With the end of the war, Bill Parham returned to New York City and joined the New York City Police Department in 1952. Officer Parham served as a beat officer for 12 years before becoming a NYPD Detective. As a result of injuries sustained from a motor vehicle accident, Det. Parham retired from the New York City Police Department, bringing a close to his fifteen years of service.

Bill Parham would continue his service in the capacity as a Private Detective both in New York and upon moving to Florida in 1978.

On May 24, 1987 a fourteen year old girl named Kathy Engels would be murdered here in Seminole County Florida. Four years later Bill Parham would become involved in the investigation at the urging of Detective Jim McDonnell. Detective Parham upon meeting the grandparents of Kathy Engels, Charles and Marie Hooper, would make a promise to find out what happened to their granddaughter and to get justice.

Thousands of volunteer hours would be devoted to this case by Detective Parham. At great personal sacrifice, with his partner, Detective Sgt. Dave Guildford, a suspect would be located, and indictment obtained and following a trial , a murder conviction would be handed down. The suspect would be sentenced to death and all of this was accomplished, without a body. Little Kathy Engels body would not be discovered until years later when the murderer would enter a plea deal in exchange for a life sentence for his revealing the location of this child.

It is because of this investigation that the corruption here in Seminole County would be revealed. Kathy Engels was a no body, she was not the child of any one important nor powerful, no one really cared, except for her grandparents, Detective Parham and Det. Guildford. It would be revealed that "members of the State Attorney’s Office, The Florida Department of Law Enforcement , the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and, most particularly, the Sanford Police Department simply failed to do their jobs." (Officer James F. Spears Orlando Sentinel December 18, 1994)

In order to better understand the nature of the corruption and the incompetence of the law enforcement officers and prosecutors involved, and everything that Detective Parham had to overcome, please read the following Orlando Sentinel Articles:

April 27, 1991 "Police Hope For Break in 1987 Disappearance."

May 20, 1993 "Murder Charge Comes in 6-Year-Old Case."

June 8, 1994 "Shoe Print Forms Link To Suspect."

June 11, 1994 "Judge Bars Testimony On Rape In Meyers Case."

December 04, 1994 "Justice Came But The Waiting Hurt."

December 18, 1994 "Kathy Engels Investigation Displayed Gross Negligence."

February 8, 1995 "Killer of Kathy Engels To Be Sentenced March 17."

Following the close of the murder investigation Detective Parham would continue to confront the local law enforcement agencies in an attempt to expose their corruption. It is because of Detective Parham’s honor, integrity and courage that we have been motivated to continue with his work.

Bill Parham used to say:

"Fighting corruption is like eating an elephant. You take it one bite at a time."

Our hope and prayer is that as men we can honor the man that Bill Parham was and continue the fight.