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TO: Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sheriff’s & Employees

Date: February 14, 2011

This open letter is directed towards the honorable men and women of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office who truly have integrity and have discovered that they have not been provided with the truth and would like to take a stand.

Each of you have observed over the years how a select few of your fellow Deputies and employees have been afforded special privileges and protection. You have watched as these individuals have been promoted through the ranks or granted duty assignments beyond their abilities and training. You have watched these people on numerous occasions violate SCSO departmental policies, general orders and even commit criminal acts in violation of Florida and Federal laws.

On rare occasions individuals within your ranks have stepped into the light in an attempt to expose corruption and illegal actions only to be targeted and forced to resign. Since we began our investigations we have discovered that the vast majority of you are honorable men and women who are scared of what might happen if you reveal what you know. You fear the loss of your jobs, retaliation by individuals above you or the loss of retirement which you have been working for. Looking the other way has become a habit and you find yourselves tolerating more and more each day. Maybe you believe that there is no one willing to do the right thing and that the entire system is broken and the "good old boy" system in Seminole County cannot be challenged.

We believe that there are honorable law enforcement officers in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement who are not indebted to those high ranking "good old boys" here in Seminole County. They will prosecute even these people.


Only you have the first hand knowledge and FACTS that will result in the investigation, prosecution and conviction of those within your AGENCY who have committed and continue to commit crimes.

You only need to look to the Windermere Police Department in order to see how this type of leadership cannot go on forever. It took the courage of one Police Officer who had enough to bring down his Chief. The rest of them tried to use the excuse, "We were only following orders." Ask the LT. who just resigned and who is now a witness against the Chief if that excuse will protect him.

Each of you must decide for yourselves at what point in time do you step forward. Or do you continue living the lie? If you have had enough and can no longer stand by and watch the "Criminals" within your department continue to harm others, we offer a solution.

Mark Zadra, Assistant Commissioner FDLE 850-410-7679

James Martin, Assistant General Counsel FDLE 850-410-7679

Florida Department of Law Enforcement
P.O. Box 1489 Tallahassee Florida 32302-1489

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"

-Edmund Burk