Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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The Political Beggars of Seminole County

You have to love watching our local politicians pat each other’s backs while they give our money to non-profit organizations who beg like the homeless people on the streets. And what a great job they do at giving our money. So exactly when did we lose control over the money in the hands of “elected public servants”? Years ago I read a speech made by Senator Davy Crockett on the subject of welfare. No other speech has explained with greater truthfulness the issue of welfare. I would ask that you take a few minutes and read this following article:


But then those were the days of honor and integrity or at least the appearance of such. When did it become acceptable for “our” elected Seminole County public servants to take our property at the threat of a gun in order to give out a portion of our lives to people that they have decided are worthy to receive “their” charity.

Oh yes, these pillars of our Begging upper class, will gladly throw parties, which are not open to us peons, in order to show us how generous our elected public servants can be. We normally hear about these gatherings after the event when we watch our local news stations regurgitating the self-praise of the nobility.

It is so easy to be generous with the money of others. We are told that our tax dollars are taken from us in order to fund the needs of our local governmental agencies. But for some reason these elected public servants have confused the words needs and wants. Each of us have needs, but to pay for our needs & wants we have to use our own money. Would it not be great to spend the money of your neighbor to pay for the wants of your friends and associates?

So there is no misunderstanding, it is my opinion, that any public servant that would reach into the pocket of the public treasury in order to provide welfare to any “Not for Profit” entity, is a thief. Charity is something that comes out of the givers pocket not out of the pockets of others who never granted or approved that charity. Theft is still theft no matter who is doing the begging. So Mr. or Mrs. Public Servant if you want to give charity to your begging friends, spend the money out of your pocket, my pocket is empty!


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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
-Edmund Burke