Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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Just Say NO!

To the Seminole County Penny Sales Tax

We at do not usually report on pending legislation but due to the financial impact of this proposed legislation by our Seminole County Commissioners we believe that a different opinion is needed.

Early this Easter morning I found a two side color high gloss legal size PR mailing from our Seminole County Commissioner Chairman Bob Dallari. (1) Immediately I began to laugh at the utter waste of our Tax Payers dollars. Not only was this “flyer” over the top but it appeared as if no common sense was used prior to designing this advertisement. “FLORIDA’S NATURAL CHOICE”, really. And just how many trees were needed for this paper? And let us not forget about the carbon foot print to create and deliver this flyer? I am not a tree hugger but our elected officials are always preaching how GREEN they are. But then again talk is cheap when someone else is footing the bill. One definition of an environmentalist is:

“He or she who already owns their condo on the beach and does everything to stop you from building yours.”

And then who cares about the cost. After all it is the Seminole County tax payers who have to pay to have all of these flyers mailed to the homes of registered voters.

At a glance the information presented in the flyer appears impressive.But then things are not always what they appear. And sometimes it is more important as to what is not presented. Percentages are provided but are these numbers the complete truth?

The flyer states that in 1991-2001:

“60% OF VOTERS APPROVED” the Penny Tax?

What the flyer omitted was the number of voters who turned out to vote. Now if 100 % of the voters turned out and 60% of those voters voted in favor, well that is Citizen participation. But what is the truth behind how many voters actually voted? Did 90 % vote, how about 75% or was it under 40%. Is this not a FACT that should have been given to us?

Then we have presented to us the 2001-2011 tax vote. The flyer states that in 2001-2011:

“72% OF VOTERS APPROVED” The Penny Tax.

Again the flyer omitted the fact concerning the percentage of registered voters who actually voted. So is this FACT that was omitted an oversight or is it an underhanded white lie which we are to swallow. It really is not a direct lie but a lie of omission.

And what FACT was missing on this one sided issue flyer? That’s right where are the numbers concerning why we in Seminole County no longer have an ADDED one cent sales tax? I am sure that this was an honest over sight and not an intentional act. It could not be a lie of omission. Politicians would never lie to us. Lies are called misspeaking not giving false information when done by a politician.

So why the special election? Why the added financial burden to the tax payers of Seminole County to hold this special election? Let us share with you our opinion concerning this special election.

We at believe that our County Commissioners, who support reaching into our pockets and taking another 1 % of every dollar that we spend, wanted to insure that the election would go their way. To insure that a smaller percentage of Seminole County voters would participate in the voting process they knew that the turn out for a special election would be smaller than to have this issue place on the General election in November. Where are the facts from our Supervisor of Elections supporting the participation rate? Would that not be a great FACT for our Seminole County Commissioners to include in this flyer?

Something like we wanted to insure that the greatest number of registered voters participated in this important issue and that is why we believed that the added cost to the tax payers of Seminole County was necessary. Should Mr. Ertel like to provide the facts in support of or in opposition to our opinion we will gladly provide our readers with this information.

It is our opinion, that the majority of voters who will turn out for this special election are the individuals whose pay checks are directly connected to public offices. They are Seminole County voters who are employed by one of the seven Cities, or Seminole County or State or Federal employees. Do not take this the wrong way, their votes are as important as every other voter but this vote will financially benefit a lot of them personally. And what intelligent person would not vote themselves a pay raise?

Let us not forget that our Seminole County Commissioners receive fat paychecks from us . As a matter of Fact by April 25, 2013 each of them had received $ 27,801.36. (2) Not a bad gig if you can get it. Let’s see $27,801.36 divided by 17 weeks equals $1,635.38 per week. That’s $85,039.76 per year. It is no wonder that our Seminole County Commissioners want an additional cent tax.

I know that the added one cent tax money will not go to pay raises for our Commissioners. No that money will come out of some other tax payer account, fund etc.

It is a very simple choice. If you as a Seminole County Tax Payer believe that your County Commissioners have been good stewards over the tax dollars that we have entrusted them with then please vote accordingly. But if you believe that our Seminole County Commissioners have not been good stewards of our money and have in fact wasted money then why would you trust them with even more of your money.

And then just maybe in November you can vote a few of them out of their comfortable jobs.

I know where we the registered voters of will be on May 20, 2014 and in November.



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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
-Edmund Burke