Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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A Place Where Theft is defined as:


Sometimes stories do not need a lot of introduction and such is the case of the story of former Seminole County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Michael J. Laney. If the name sounds familiar well it should. has followed the history of this law enforcement officer and written several articles on the actions of this man. (2,3) It is believed that, then, Sgt. Laney was able to have the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) start a criminal investigation into this writer in order to take my liberty and freedom away. (4)

But while this article focuses on the illegal and unlawful activities of Lt. Laney and others, another story has developed. These crimes are not complicated. They concern ones man's greed and his use of his authority to compel a subordinate employee to participate in the theft of County and State Tax dollars for his personal profit. We at believe that the actions or rather inactions of Seminole County Sheriff Donald F. Eslinger is the more compelling story.

We have attached the investigative report for your examination and upon your reading what did and did not happen to Lt. Laney we would ask that you ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Why is this man not behind bars?
  2. Why has he not been forced to return the money back to the State of Florida?
  3. Why has he not been made to return the money to the Taxpayers of Seminole County?
  4. Why is he still employed by Sheriff Eslinger?
  5. Why does he still have a law enforcement certificate?
  6. Why will he be permitted to receive a retirement from the Florida Retirement System?
  7. Why will the residents, business owners and visitors be subject to coming into contact with this Deputy Sheriff?
  8. Why has Sheriff Eslinger permitted this man to continue to dishonor the uniform that he wears?
  9. Why has Sheriff Eslinger refused to forward his agencies findings to the office of the State Attorney for prosecution? (The allegations within the investigate report are of felony crimes)
  10. Will the Florida Department of Law Enforcement initiate a criminal investigation into these crimes?
  11. How long will Sheriff Eslinger continue to redefine the actions of criminals under his command to violations of department policy instead of the criminal violations of Florida State Statutes?

What can YOU DO?

Make a COPY of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Investigative report and forward it to everyone you know. Let every public official read the truth and demand that your voice be heard. And if they fail to listen AND act then remember November 2014.

You can FIRE Them!


  1. SCSO Internal Investigation PC-14-0001
  2. Adultery by Sheriff article
  3. Wall of Shame
  4. Volusia Exposed article
  5. Notice of Proposed Discipline
  6. Notice of Final Discipline
  7. CJIS form 78 on Now Deputy Laney
  8. SCSO Personnel action form

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
-Edmund Burke

Sheriff Donald F. Eslinger