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Sheriff Eslinger refuses to Fire LIAR, Why???

WFTV Channel 9 Reporter Mario Boone exposed yet another one of Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger’s deputies committing a Felony but not losing their jobs.(1) Hidden away in a 2014 Fall Quarterly FDLE Criminal Justice & Training Commission(CJSTC) report was a list of Seminole County Deputy Sheriffs who had been investigated by their own agency. (2) Included in this list was SCSO Sergeant Amy Lawshe in which CJSTC had reviewed Sheriff Eslingers punishment of Sgt. Lawshe and added what CJSTC was additional punishment. (3)

On a side note the punishment that CJSTC issued was a joke. Yet another reason that Governor Scott should have used for FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey to be fired. My mistake, submit his resignation. But this is a whole different story, and do not expect to find any criminal prosecution of Amy Lawshe by the Office of our State Attorney.

Back to this story. The WFTV story brings up the “Integrity” issue and uses the name Donald Eslinger in the same story. What is wrong with this picture? So exactly why would Sheriff Eslinger refuse to fire this Sgt? What does this Sgt. know? Are there other family members of this Sgt. employed or previously employed by Sheriff Eslinger? What does this Sgt. have on other members of Sheriff Eslinger’s department? Have other LIARS received the same treatment by Sheriff Eslinger or was she given special treatment? What is so special about this Liar?

But do not expect any answers to any of these questions. Sheriff Eslinger is too scared to be interviewed by Mario Boone. After all this is a story that does not make Sheriff Eslinger look good. His image is tainted by this story and the true nature of this Sheriff is exposed. But then this is not an election year and, in our opinion, Sheriff Eslinger could care less. Why should he. He can retire any time he wants to and walk away with one of the largest retirements in this State’s history. (4)

In our Court system there is a standard practice that says if a law enforcement officer gives testimony his or her testimony is given more weight than that of the suspect unless the officer has been proven to be a liar. And when a LIAR is exposed it is the requirement that the State Attorney’s Office to issue a list of these liars so that every defense attorney is provided the truth. (5) But in Seminole County do not expect such a “Brady list” to be revealed by the office of our State Attorney.

In the case of this Liar, Sgt. Lawshe can never provide testimony in ANY court in this County, State or any State. All a defense attorney has to ask Sgt. Lawshe under oath is:

“Is it not true Sgt. Amy Lawshe, that you were investigated and found guilty by the Seminole County Sheriff's Department as well as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement of making a False Official Statement?”

“Is it not true, Sgt. Lawshe, that you are a liar?”

“Is it not true, Sgt. Lawshe, that we cannot believe one word coming out of your mouth?

The WFTV report exposed that Sheriff Eslinger even refused to demote her. So now we have this Liar in the capacity of a supervisor who is required every day to sign official records under penalty of perjury.

Imagine for a moment that an honest Corrections deputy is walking down a hall in the jail and an inmate injures this officer. The crime is only witnessed by Sgt. Lawshe and the injured officer never sees the inmate who knocks out the officer. Whose word is the court to believe? Can the Court accept the word of a proven Liar? Or does the Court have to obey the word of the inmate who says that he observed Sgt. Lawshe knock out the officer?

Why would Sheriff Eslinger place the other corrections officers and civilian employees in this dangerous position? Why would Sheriff Eslinger put the tax payers of Seminole County in a position that we are forced to pick up the legal bills to defend litigation that could result of the retention of this liar? Do the words “negative retention” or “vicarious liability” mean anything to Sheriff Eslinger? What lesson is Sheriff Eslinger teaching the children of Seminole County?

And what respect should the corrections deputies have for Sgt. Lawshe or for that matter a Sheriff who rewards liars? And yes rewards is a fact. What else would you call it when Sheriff Eslinger moves this Liar into a non-sworn position for the duration of her CJSTC certification suspension?

In our opinion, Sheriff Eslinger could care less what anyone thinks. No one is going to tell Sheriff Eslinger what to do within HIS Sheriff’s department. Sheriff Eslinger is not accountable to anyone and even our so called independent County Commissioners or State Attorney do whatever Sheriff Eslinger wants them to do. But remember this is only our opinion.

Never forget that Seminole County has had only two Sheriff’s in 46 Years. Sheriff John E. Polk for 22 years and Sheriff Eslinger since 1991.

Seminole County Florida will always be looked on as a back woods corrupt County so long as liars are allowed to hold public office. But then, this is only our opinion. Or is the concept of expecting our public servants not to be liars an out dated concept? But then again liars like Casey Anthony go to jail and liars who work for Sheriff Eslinger keep their jobs. It is so confusing. Are there laws that are applied to all of us or are there special laws that are not applied to our public servants?

Now you Seminole County business owners and Citizens get back to work so that these fine Seminole County public servants can get their fat pay checks and future retirement checks. After all they work so hard protecting us from the bad guys.

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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
-Edmund Burke