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Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

A Place for Liars, Thieves and Adultery would like to express our gratitude to WFTV Channel 9 reporter Tim Barber for investigating the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department and the actions of a Milwee Middle School Resource Deputy and a Sheriff’s Sergeant. (1) (2) (3)

It is sad to see that the individuals that Sheriff Donald Francis Eslinger hired and placed in positions over our children and in a supervisory capacity were involved in such disgusting acts. Their actions were so disgusting that the media refuses to publish the transcriptions of text communications between Deputy Joseph Fetchick and Sgt. Valencia LaRue. believes that the facts need to be published in order for the public to be informed and to take whatever action is deemed necessary. A warning must be given.(4) The language used by these two Seminole County Deputies is of an adult nature and as such please do not read the attached Internal Investigation unless you have a strong stomach. The best warning we could give is that the comments found in the report are those that you would expect to find in Hustler Magazine.

Had these two married adults (not married to each other) communicated their sexual desires off duty then it would not be any of our business. But these individuals believed that the estimated 7000 texts while on duty did not take away from their duties since the texting was done on their private cell phones and not the department issued ones. Maybe Sheriff Eslinger should issue an order that while on duty a deputy cannot use a private cell phone. Just a suggestion.

But why should it be a surprise that these two deputies decided to take the actions they did. After all is it not a pattern for Seminole County Deputies to do the same things? Or to quote Sgt. LaRue:

"I mean there is numerous people have done worse things than that."

Is it surprising to see that Adultery is an accepted practice within the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office? Just review the actions or shall we say inactions on the part of several of the Sheriff’s Office supervisors who admitted they suspected that both of these Deputies were committing the crime of Adultery. And believe it or not Adultery is still a crime in Florida.(5)

But then according to Florida Statute 798.01 it is only a second degree misdemeanor and Sheriff Eslinger refuses to enforce this law. Why would Sheriff Eslinger refuse to enforce this statute? And why will our State Attorney refuse to enforce this criminal act? Does Sheriff Eslinger and State Attorney Phil Archer have the authority to ignore the Florida legislature? Obviously here in the 18th Judicial circuit they do.

But then let us look at the other facts revealed in the internal. In regards to Milwee Middle School Resource Deputy Fetchick we see an incident where Deputy Fetchick handcuffs a minor child. Well the last time I checked this is known as false imprisonment or maybe just a false arrest. But then again Deputy Fetchick probably was not thinking clearly at the time.

Then there is the incident of lying in court. And lying to his supervisor. What other lies has Deputy Fetchick told? Did any person ever get arrested as a result of his lies? Or are we to believe that Deputy Fetchick only lied these two times or was it three or maybe four??? Well welcome to the Brady List former Deputy Sheriff Fetchick.

Then there is the incident of leaving his assigned duty at Milwee Middle School to go to Sgt. Valencia home to have sex. But according to Deputy Fetchick that never happened. The texting was all a joke, they were role playing. Deputy Fetchick went to lunch down the street. So exactly who are we to believe. Are we to believe Deputy Fetchick now on this issue or do we have to rely on his habit of telling lies? You decide for yourself on this one.

Concerning this incident we need to remember that Sheriff Eslinger has been entrusted to protect our children. Several years ago a Milwee Middle School child was shot by a Seminole County Deputy Sheriff. The child was armed with a toy gun. We were led to believe that Sheriff Eslinger would exercise good judgement when making a decision who would be assigned to protect the children of Seminole County. Some will say it is not Sheriff Eslingers fault that he placed this low life Deputy in this position. But to quote an east coast Chief of Police, "scumbag" and "dirtbag" are the words that describe any married Deputy that would leave his post in order to have sex with a married woman.

Or do we blame Deputy Sheriff Fetchick’s supervisor or the Lieutenant in charge of the School Resource Officer program, or the Captain over the Lieutenant? A wise man once said "The buck stops here". And in this case it stops at the office of Sheriff Eslinger.

Now let us look into the actions of Deputy Sergeant Valencia LaRue. Is she not a shinning example of what we should expect of a supervisor of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department? The answer is yes she is. Sgt. LaRue is exactly what we should expect from the command structure under Sheriff Eslinger. Read her own words and listen to her words during the WFTV Raw video interview. (4,3)

Sheriff Eslinger has created such a blotted Sheriff’s office that a Sergeant who only works 15 days per month and spends hours watching TV and sexting to her married co worker, believes that this is acceptable behavior. But the interesting thing revealed in the WFTV interview is the statement by Sgt. LaRue that:

"I mean there is numerous people have done worse things than that."

We at believe that Sgt. LaRue is being honest when she made this statement. To rise to the rank of Sergeant within the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office one has to know a lot. And we do not mean job knowledge. We have watched incompetent people being promoted over the years merely because of what they had on others. Now the question is, will Sgt. LaRue tell what she knows about these "numerous People"?

It is our opinion that a deal will be worked out and that former Sgt. LaRue will keep quiet and we will never learn the truth concerning these “numerous people”. It has been revealed that the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department has changed their position as of two days ago and is now defending Sgt. Valencia LaRue in a Civil law suit filed by Mr. Michael Carr. The funny thing is that prior to this story the Sheriff’s Office refused to represent Sgt. LaRue. Coincidence???(6,7)

Just listen to the mind set of Sgt. LaRue. She truly believes that she has done no wrong. She cannot even understand why all of this is happening to her. She finds nothing wrong with sexting on duty with a married man because it was her private cell phone. She finds nothing wrong with this married man sending her a picture of his penis.(8) She finds nothing wrong with her adultery committing sex toy lying to his supervisor in order for him to leave work and have sex with her.

In what world is Sgt. LaRue living? That is right, it is the world of Sheriff Donald Francis Eslinger. And just maybe Sgt. LaRue believes that she has done nothing wrong because it is the practice of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department to accept these things. Just maybe Sgt. LaRue has witnessed or has knowledge of illegal actions by numerous others within the Sheriff’s Office and was under the assumption that it is ok. Maybe Sgt. LaRue believed that she was somehow going to be protected and this would all just go away. Maybe Sgt. LaRue forgot the unwritten rule:


Well it did not stay in house and the media did find out. And everyone knows do not embarrass the Sheriff. I have been told that those that have embarrassed him have witnessed their careers shortened drastically. Obviously Sgt. LaRue is not as protected as others within the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. But then the word on the street is that Sheriff Eslinger might not run for re election and we will get Chief Deputy Dennis Lemma as our new Sheriff. We can only hope that if this rumor is true that Dennis Lemma will do to Sheriff Eslinger what Eslinger did to Sheriff John Polk.

Only time will tell but we can expect even more incidents such as these to be revealed which will prove to all of us that the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office is a place for Liars, Thieves and Adultery. would like to express our gratitude to the individuals who assisted in this story. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to the honest men and women sworn and civilian who serve with honor. It is our hope and prayer that one day you will have a Sheriff that you can be proud to serve. You know who you are and we thank you.


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