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Shell Game Exposed!

Seminole County Commissioners Try to Fool Voters on Sales Tax Referendum
Despite Their Claims That Sales Tax Can't Be Spent on SunRail
$46.5 Million Already Spent on SunRail from 1991 Voter Approved Sales Tax!

April 30th - Seminole County               For Immediate Release               Contact: Grant Maloy 407-671-6305 w

County Commissioners are actively campaigning for a $630 million tax increase on the May 20th special election in Seminole County. They repeatedly claim that "this is not a train tax". County brochures mislead voters that sales tax money cannot be used for SunRail.

But new evidence shows that County Commissioners are actively deceiving voters about the sales tax. While they claim sales tax money won't go to SunRail, they already have a 7 year record of doing what they say they won't.

Commissioners claim that they need more money for roads. But they actually went to past sales tax money that voters thought went to roads... and spent $46,478,583 of it on SunRail!

A pro tax increase mail out from a special interest group, also deceivingly states the tax increase, "Will Not Fund SunRail".

The fact is, in 1991 voters did not approve the sales tax increase for SunRail. The ballot language said the tax would be spent on, "renovation, improvement, reconstruction and construction of various road projects throughout Seminole County."

County Commissioners fail to disclose this SunRail spending on county mailers and during presentations.

"This really breaks the trust that people have with local government", said Former County Commissioner Grant Maloy. "Voters never voted for a train tax, yet the politicians retroactively created one and didn't tell us. How can we trust them with $630 million more?"

A grassroots effort is underway to educate voters about this unnecessary tax increase.
Information is available at and

Sales Tax Expenditures On SunRail

1991 Sales Infrastructure Sales Tax - 1st Gen Tax - Fund 11500

During Fiscal year 2007               $763,000
Acct. # 077515.580811 Project # 00251401 - Rail Related Transit

During Fiscal year 2008               $9,523,000
Acct. # 077515.580811 Project # 00251401 - Rail Related Transit

During Fiscal year 2011               $35,914,000
Acct. # 077515.580811 Project # 00251401 - Rail Related Transit

During Fiscal year 2013               $278,583
Acct. # 077515.580811 Project # 00251401 - Rail Related Transit

Total contributions for Sunrail $46,478,583

During fiscal year 2014 $250,000 is budgeted for
operational expenses related to Sunrail. Account #
077501.530340 in the Transportation Trust Fund