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Sanford Airport and the Three Stooges

Once again the Sanford Airport, under the leadership of President, CEO, Commander of the Airport Police, Larry Alvin Dale, is a laughing stock of Central Florida. The Sanford Airport under the control of Mr. Dale and “His”, Board of Directors has proven to be a joke. Much like the trio of Curley, Moe and Joe we are graced with Larry Dale, Senator John Mica and The Trinity Technology Group Incorporated (TTGI) (1)

Since 9/11 every American has been told that Airport Security is needed to protect us from all forms of terrorism. And for four years we here in Seminole County Florida have had to listen to the likes of Senator Mica and Mr. Dale tell us repeatedly how a private security firm could provide a higher degree of protection to the customers who choose to fly out of the Sanford Airport. (2)

WFTV Channel 9 Reporter Karla Ray discovered that on the second day under the management of the TTGI a new system of security was launched. (3) Not having been provided the official name for this highly inventive security protocol , we here at suggest the term "Terrorist Self Reporting Dumbass", TSRDA for short.

As the WFTV story goes with the implementation of TSRDA all terrorist are to obey signs printed only in English advising “DO NOT ENTER” clearly posted in unguarded areas. Upon entering these highly unguarded areas, terrorist are to walk around the terminal areas and locate a TTGI Security Officer and surrender all tweezers and tooth picks. Terrorists are to be on the honor system and should they be unable to locate one of these highly trained TTGI Security Officers they are to immediately locate the nearest pastry shop and purchase a donut in order to attract the attention of one of these highly trained TTGI Security professionals.

Should one of these terrorist be in possession of a loaded firearm the terrorist is to immediately track down Airport Police Commander Larry Dale and request that Officer Dale hold on to the gun until the terrorist returns from his ISIS Convention. (4)

No the WFTV story did not contain the above incident. WFTV’s story was about a woman who made a mistake. We can all be grateful that it was not a terrorist. We have been subjected to so much “bull” out of the mouths of Senator Mica & Mr. Dale that TSA was not doing their job and needed to be replaced by a private company. Well the proof is in the pudding. If security is truly the reason that we as travelers have to be subjected to being touched by people that could not get a job at McDonalds and made to go through radioactive machines and ran through cattle lines then we should have professional people in charge of Airport Security.

And if you believe that these individuals who are working as “Security Officers” at the Sanford Airport are really qualified, then please contact Mr. Dale or Ms. Diane Crews and request to see a copy of the training needed to have this position. (5) If the information that we have obtained is correct, these individuals are not even licensed to be an unarmed Security Guards pursuant to Florida State Statute 439 and work at our Seminole County dump. (6)

And what kind of name is Trinity Technology Group Inc. for a security company? Exactly how long has TTGI been in the “Airport Security” business? What are the qualifications of the individuals who operate TTGI’s “Airport Security” side of this corporation?

But then again who really cares? We have witnessed the joke that airport security is at the Sanford Airport once again. Mr. Dale will probably get yet another big pay raise and yearly bonus at the hands of “His” Board of Directors as he laughs all the way to the Bank. Who knows maybe Larry will retire from the Sanford Airport and be offered a job to run the TTGI as their Security Director. Senator Mica will continue to push for more tax dollars to get appropriated to the Sanford Airport and the third stooge, the TTGI, will make millions.

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