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The Truth, Lies and Audio Tapes

Recently Mr. Jeff Frazier of obtained information thru making a Public Records Request involving the Investigation of FWC Officer Naomi Tye accessing DAVID to “run” Mr. Frazier’s Driver’s License. DAVID is the State of Florida DHSMV database in which Law Enforcement Officers utilize to access your Drivers License Photo, Information, Transcript, and History. There is to be a clear LAW ENFORCEMENT purpose to access this system. In fact the Officer actually has to check a box certifying that it is for a LAW ENFORCEMENT purpose.

Mr. Frazier, in the course doing an investigative story on a land swap deal in rural Seminole County which had ruffled a lot of feathers in the community of Geneva, received a tip that an FWC Officer was living on the property and providing “security” for the leasers’ of the property.

To be clear, Mr. Frazier has never personally met Officer Tye, has never spoken directly to Officer Tye, was never the subject of an official FWC stop, investigation and was never accused or suspected of committing any violation that would involve Officer Tye. Mr. Frazier did leave voice mail messages for Officer Tye with her office in an attempt to interview her during research on property owned by Seminole County.

The property in question owned by Seminole County was being leased by the now defunct Seminole Wildlife Association, Inc., and commonly called Boar’s Nest. This is a hunting, fishing, good ole boy club with a sweet deal made with Seminole County. This Club was not open to the public; Boar’s Nest actually got Seminole County to pick up the tab on fencing the property off. To the tune of about $8,000.00 Well, your tax dollars paid for the fence.FWC Officer Tye’s father was one of the principles of this organization and listed at one time as Camp Manager.

Mr. Frazier had several telephone conversations with Mr. Arthur Tye all regarding the Boar’s Nest , Seminole County Wildlife Association Inc, and to verify the rumor ( a tip from locals) that there was an FWC Officer living on the property, providing security which would seem to most people as a big conflict of interest.

To recap: State of Florida FWC Officer, living on a piece of property owned by Seminole County , leased to her Dad and his Buddies and used as their private playground. There were tips from locals that this FWC Officer was running people off the property and acting in their "official" capacity. Hmmmm

You can read the story on the Boar’s Nest aka Seminole Wildlife Association Inc by following the link at the end of this article.

During a taped interview with Ms. Naomi Tye, admits she ran Mr. Frazier’s Drivers License . “Officer Safety” was her reasoning. FIVE times she ran his Driver’s License. Well one time she admits she ran it for her Boss because he also wanted to know what Frazier looked like.

Officer Tye also states that one day there was a mysterious car at the drive of this property, (owned by Seminole County, leased by Seminole County Wildlife Association Inc aka Boar’s Nest), so she ran Frazier’s Drivers License AGAIN. At no time does she state what this so called vehicle looked like. So she just randomly ASSUMES it is Mr. Frazier? I guess no one ever stops and uses this driveway to turn around? Could it have been someone who was lost or looking for an address? Mr. Frazier has never driven on or stepped foot on that property.

She also stated reasoning for running Mr. Frazier’s Driver’s License was due to Mr. Frazier’s "Anti-Government views.." That demonstrably false slanderous statement is the focus of this article.

Take the time to listen to the tape of Officer Tye’s Interview the link will be at the end of this article. Most importantly listen for what is NOT there, the facts about Boar’s Nest, Seminole Wildlife Association Inc., the entire reason for Mr. Frazier contacting her father, Arthur Tye and for Mr. Frazier calling the FWC office and leaving a message for her. Listen to how it is "glossed over" and tailored to script. Listen to how she characterizes a man she has never met, a man she has never spoken to.

It is so sad for the local government Public Servants that Mr. Frazier doesn’t waste his time after working a 50 to 60 hour work week on frivolous activities. You see what and Mr. Frazier’s focus is to bring out into the light CORRUPTION in local government, to expose the crimes and violations committed by these Public Servants. All in service to the citizens and Tax Payers of Seminole County to reveal the double standard and favoritism shown to this select group, the financial irresponsibility, and lack of accountability. Let’s remember we write their paychecks, they work for us, they are paid for by our tax dollars. They certainly do not like the fact that Mr. Frazier is a trained Investigator, with years of experience and has knowledge of Police Department interworkings. They certainly do not like to be questioned or held accountable. They certainly do not like the exposure, the Public Records Laws and the right of Free Speech.

Mr. Frazier is ANTI-CORRUPTION, exposing corruption in government, Public Servants and their respective agencies.

Mr. Frazier has been very open and honest about his past Tax issues and conviction and clearly lists that on Let’s also remember that that was 17 years ago. Mr. Frazier served his time and has not committed any crimes nor had he been arrested before that incident with the IRS or after. He will tell anyone "Pay & File" and fully admits that he was wrong.

His Bio taken directly as listed on

Mr. Frazier not only loves his country but his fellow Americans. He grew up in the Military, his Father serving many tours of duty overseas in the United States Army. After graduating High School, he himself enlisted in the United States Air Force. After serving his country he put himself through the Police Academy and became a Police Officer in 1983. As the Bio states he was with Altamonte Springs Police Department and served on the Seminole County SWAT Team and Bomb Squad. Mr. Frazier received many awards, medals and commendations during his time as a Police Officer. Jeff Frazier is one of the most Patriotic men I know, loves this country and dedicated most of his life to serving his country and community.

He has been faithfully married to the same woman for over 22 years, raised a son, and served his church as a Sunday School Teacher and Deacon. Jeff Frazier is the kind of friend that is only a phone call away if you need help and the first one to come to anyone’s defense when a wrong has been committed. Honest, Hard-working, man of his word, integrity, family oriented, God loving, those are the words I would use to describe Mr. Frazier. But let’s remember Naomi Tye has never met or ever had a conversation with Mr. Frazier.

The character assassination committed by FWC Officer Naomi Tye, the demonstrably false and slanderous statements will not go unanswered. You see to fight against corruption you have to have thick skin, you have to be dedicated and willing to pursue the truth, you have to be willing to put up with these agencies and their employees trying to violate the Public Records Laws, you have to be patient…


  1. Boar's Nest Hunt Club
  2. Audio Interview of Naomii Tye   Update 1/10/2014 (File size 12.5 MB)

"To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism."
-G. Edward Griffin