Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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Evidence discovered by WFTV reporter George Spencer!

Date: February 22, 2011                     Certified Mail: 7009 0820 0001 5217 4112

State of Florida Commission on Ethics
3600 Maclay Blvd. South Suite 201,
Tallahassee Florida 32317-5704

Ref: Complaint No 10-139, In re DONALD F. ESLINGER
Subject: Additional supporting documentation discovered by WFTV Reporter, George Spencer
Investigator Ron Moalli,

Due the lack of cooperation and adherence to the Public Records laws by members of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) information was provided to Mr. George Spencer a reporter with WFTV News Channel 9 here in Orlando. This information concerned the use of SCSO personnel, sworn and civilian, buildings, computers, and resources in order to facilitate the sales promotions and sales presentations to deputy sheriff’s in regards to their HOME and AUTOMOBILE insurance coverages.

As a result of Mr. Spencer’s news story on Channel 9 WFTV, I was provided with copies of public records which he was provided with from the Custodian of Records, Christy Peters. These documents consisted of e-mail communications between EILEEN LONG, Senior Manager SCSO to employees and officers of the SCSO and employees and a corporate officer of Star & Shield Insurance Exchange.

The employees / officer of Star & Shield Insurance Exchange were identified as:
1. ALLEN DURHAM, President, CEO and Cofounder.
2. BOB MILNER Regional Marketing Coordinator.
The employees of the SCSO were identified as:
1. Chief Steve Harriett
2. Chief Penny Flemming
3. Major David Diggs
4. Capt. Scott Ballou
5. Lt. Bill Morris
6. Lt. Tony Fannin
7. Molly Jackson
8. Lt. Jennifer Jenkins
9. Stacie Bishop
10. Lt. Karen Mills
11. Linda Green
12. Lt. Lou Tomeo
13. Kathy Karl
14. Sgt. Diana Maria Lemma
15. Cindy Monti

Please note that the scope of the public records request by Mr. Spencer was limited to EILEEN LONG and DENNIS LEMMA. As of this date I do not believe that there has been a public records inspection request made on all of the named individuals of the SCSO which were identified by EILEEN LONG which were directly involved in facilitating the sales presentations to on-duty deputy sheriffs.

From the documentation provided by EILEEN LONG it was revealed that SHERIFF DONALD FRANCIS ESLINGER was directly involved in these negotiations as early as August 21, 2009 at 8:54 AM. And that not only did he use his uniform to advertise for Star & Shield Insurance Exchange but he authorized the use of nine (9) Seminole County Tax payers facilities and at least sixteen (16) Deputies and employees of the SCSO and an unknown amount of manpower hours and materials to be used to provide Star & Shield Insurance Exchange representatives with access to on-duty Deputy Sheriff’s . It was further revealed that at no time did SHERIFF ESLINGER reveal, disclose or present to any persons his financial interest in Star & Shield Insurance Exchange.

From the limited amount of documentation provided by EILEEN LONG it is apparent that extensive use of her time was needed to provide this access to Star & Shield in order for SHERIFF ESLINGER to obtain a financial reward as a paid member of the SUBSCRIBER ADVISORY COMMITTEE. The documentation provided by EILEEN LONG does not provide enough information as to determine the total amount of time and resources expended by the other identified SCSO employees and Deputies to assist the sales presentations which occurred on September 30, October 1 and October 2, 2009.

The nine (9) Seminole County Facilities which were used for this for profit insurance corporation have been identified as:

1. Downtown Courthouse , 301 N. Park Avenue, Sanford.         Contact: Sgt. Diana Lemma
2. Juvenile Enforcement Center (JEC), 1151 E. 28th Street, Sanford.         Contact Capt. Ballou
3. Building 100 ( Main Admin) 100 Bush Blvd, Sanford.         Contact: Senior Manager Eileen Long
4. Training Division/ CCIB 3822 S. Orlando Drive, Sanford.         Contact: Lt. Morris
5. Main Courthouse, 101 Bush Blvd. Sanford.         Contact: Lt. Fannin or Molly Jackson
6. Correctional Facility, 211Bush Blvd. Sanford.         Contact: Major Diggs or admin staff
7. North Region, 805 Primera Blvd., Lake Mary         Contact: Lt. Jenkins or Stacie Bishop
8. East Region, 1225 E. Broadway Street, Oviedo         Contact: Lt. Mills or Linda Green
9. South Region, 494 S. Hunt Club Blvd., Apopka         Contact: Lt. Tomeo or Kathy Karl

I submit for your further examination that in order to obtain a true and accurate cost of Seminole County resources which were expended for the sole purpose to profit Star & Shield Insurance Exchange and Sheriff Eslinger an outside audit is required of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. This audit should be paid for by DONALD FRANCIS ESLINGER and not from taxpayers dollars. This audit cannot be conducted by the SCSO due to the direct involvement of Chief Penny Flemming which facilitated this unlawful use of county property.

On January 27, 2011, I spoke with Melody Hadley the Ethics Commission Liaison with the Attorney General’s Office and she advised that her office does not investigate this matter and that any additional information would need to come from your office. As such I am requesting that this additional information be forwarded to her office for her review.

I have attached with this letter a complete copy of the documentation obtained from EILEEN LONG from WFTV Reporter George Spencer which I was provided with. Mr. Spencer advised that he had additional documentation which was not provided to me.

Your assistance with this investigation is greatly appreciated and as a Citizen of Seminole County I await you reply to this communication.


Jeffrey K. Frazier
411 Racoon Trail , Geneva Florida 32732
Attachments: Public records from WFTV Reporter George Spencer

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"

-Edmund Burke