Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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Wall of SHAME

Seminole County Law Enforcement (Not our Finest)

The below list of Seminole County Law Enforcement officers is presented to the Citizens of Seminole County as a Public Service in order to separate the honest men and women who are deserving of our respect from those who have dishonored their oath of office and whose word is useless in Court.

The idea to post this list of officers whose lack of credibility has been proven must be credited to the proper sources. For this idea we are grateful to the following websites:

Broward Bulldog    Fog Watch  and Volusia Exposed

In order not to bore our readers with the legal language concerning this subject matter we will present a Readers Digest version of numerous court decisions which our law enforcement community must obey, even if they do not.

In 1963 there was a landmark case called Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963) which ended up in the Supreme Court which decided that “ the suppression by the prosecution of evidence favorable to an accused upon request violates due process where the evidence is material either to guilt or to punishment, irrespective of the good faith or bad faith of the prosecution. (1)

A later case called Giglio v. United States, 405 U.S. 150 (1972), extended the obligation on the part of the prosecution to share exculpatory information with the defendant to include information concerning the credibility of government witnesses.(2)

In 1976 the Supreme Court in United States v. Agurs , 427 U.S. 97 (1976) extended the obligation by recognizing that the prosecution had a duty to disclose exculpatory information even in the absence of a specific request for it. (3)

In the case of United States v. Bagley, 473 U.S. 667 (1985) the Court further defined “material” evidence as information that, if disclosed to the defense attorney, would have a “reasonable probability of providing a different result in the trial or sentencing. The Court clarified that impeachment evidence “must” be disclosed to the defense.(4)

And finally in the 1995 case of Kyles v. Whitley, 514 U.S. 419 (1995) the Courts decision imposed upon the prosecutor an affirmative "duty to learn of any favorable evidence known to the others acting on the government’s behalf, including the police, and a resulting duty to disclose that evidence to the defense". This case even stated that even though the prosecutor was unaware of the exculpatory evidence , "procedures and regulations can be established to carry (the prosecutor’s) burden and to insure communication of all relevant information on each case to every lawyer who deals with it." (5)

In an attempt to obtain a copy of a "Brady List" a request was made of the Public Defenders office for the 18th Judicial Circuit requesting their list. Not surprisingly the  Office of the Honorable Norman Wolfinger does not have such a list. (6)

Having obtained this information we felt that it would be a service for the Commmunity to compile such a list of law enforcement officers regarding truthfulness (i.e. lying in official matters and falsifying reports), bias and crimes committed by the officer. In the spirit of fairness we will only publish the names of the officers for which we have documentation to support their membership on this Wall of Shame.



Donald F. Eslinger

Allen Weber Detective

Kristen Bates Deptuy

Celines Rios Deputy

David Prince LT. LMPD

Michael J. Laney
Correctional Officer

Dispatcher Michael J Laney
Officer Michael J Laney

Deputy Michael J Laney

SGT. Michael J Laney

SGT. Michael J Laney

LT. Michael J Laney
LT. Michael J Laney


Seminole County Sheriff's Office

Atlamonte Springs Police Dept.

Seminole County Sheriff's Office

Seminole County Sheriff's Office

Lake Mary and Winter Park PD.

Seminole County Sheriff's Office

Oviedo Police Dept.
Oviedo Police Dept.






1. Adultery, Abuse of Power, Sexual Harassment

1. Unlawful Tape recording

1. Issuing an Unlawful Order

1. Obeying an unlawful order

1. Sexual Harassment

1. Fired by Sheriff John Polk 1-12-89
1-A. Permitted to resign by Sheriff Polk
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