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SCSO Lt. Michael Weippert

An Honorable Deputy Sheriff or a Liar and a Thief

There are stories that you really do not want to write and such is this story. The hardest ones deal with people that you know , that you once thought of as friends and that you had respect for. In the interest of full disclosure Michael (Mike) Weippert and I served together on the Seminole County SWAT team under Captain Marty Labrusciano while the Seminole County Sheriff's Department was under the leadership of Sheriff John Polk.

Several months ago received information that Lt. Weippert had resigned from the Seminole County Sheriff's office rather abruptly on 8/18/2014 while under investigation for a violation of a criminal offense as identified under Florida State Statute 943.13(4) or for a violation of moral character standards defined in Rule 11B-27.0011. F.A.C. (1)(2)(3)

The initial information was somewhat vague. The allegation was that Lt. Weippert had a long standing off-duty detail for a Homeowners Association (HOA) here in Seminole County. It was alleged that Lt. Weippert while logged in as on duty working for this HOA was in fact not even in Seminole County. It was alleged that Seminole County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) dispatch attempted numerous times to conduct a unit check on Lt. Weippert. What prompted this Unit Check is unknown at this time but needless to say SCSO dispatch had difficulty in having Lt. Weippert answer his radio.

Lt. Michael Weippert

It is further alleged that at some point in time contact was made with Lt. Weippert at which time he is alleged to have informed SCSO Dispatch that he had become ill at the off duty detail and went home. It was further alleged that SCSO dispatch requested to know Lt. Weippert's location and Lt. Weippert refused to provide this information. It is unknown how the exact location was determined but it was reported that SCSO confirmed that Lt. Weippert was in Jacksonville Florida.

Having been provided with these allegations a series of public records request were made to the Custodian of Records for the SCSO in an attempt to verify any of the allegations. Records revealed that on 8/26/14 an Affidavit of Separation form CJSTC 61 & CJSTC 61A were submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Examination of the 61A revealed that former Lt. Michael W. Weippert was "STILL UNDER INVESTIGATION". (1) The detailed description of the misconduct was redacted and as such the facts concerning the allegation(s) could not be verified.

As with all things the SCSO was not very forthcoming in providing documents: however, it was revealed that on October 31, 1995 Sergeant Michael Weippert was SUSPENDED WITHOUT PAY FOR TEN (10) WORKING DAYS and ordered to reimburse the SCSO $690.00 for monies expended on travel and course tuition for a seminar which he did not attend.(4)

So what does an incident which took place nineteen years ago have to do with this story? As Rush says, "A Tiger is a Tiger". Meaning that a person’s nature cannot be hidden, it has a way of revealing itself given time. In the 1995 incident Sgt. Weippert left his assigned duty assignment without approval. For those of us from the military we call it A.W.O.L. (Absent Without Leave) Sounds a lot like what it is alleged that Lt. Weippert has done with this incident.

Now here is a problem. When SCSO Deputy Sheriff's are working off duty they are NOT employees of the SCSO unless they are required to take a law enforcement action like arresting someone. They are also NOT employees of the HOA. They are in fact private self employed subcontractors (i.e. Security Guards). While to the average person you would believe that the Deputy Sheriff working on roving patrol, driving a marked Sheriff's vehicle, around a neighborhood was a deputy. In fact he or she is an independent security guard paid either in cash or check by the Homeowners Association. So it gets rather confusing to understand how you go about disciplining a self employed security guard running their own business.

Because of the structure of this off duty security business, the exact method of any checks or balance is vague. How can you verify that when a SCSO Deputy Sheriff agrees to work for a HOA and gets paid approximately $35.00 per hour and is at the location contracted for, is unknown. Needless to say the system relies on integrity and honesty. Should the homeowners who pay their Association dues every year not trust that when they hired a SCSO Deputy Sheriff that he show up for work? Especially one who has risen to the rank of Lieutenant under the command of Sheriff Eslinger. A man who was in charge of several special operations units such as SWAT, Aviation and K-9. Of course the answer is YES. The Citizens of Seminole County have every right to believe and expect that their law enforcement officers have integrity and are honest even when operating their own private security businesses.

As of this date it is believed that the SCSO is still conducting their "Criminal Investigation". Or is it a simple Conduct violation of Department rules? Sheriff Eslinger has a unique way of changing facts and the definition of violations. In his Department even crimes can be classified as a Conduct violation. Like perjury on an official document or adultery and let us not forget theft.

When you are the Sheriff and you are above the law and no one within your agency will challenge you, every crime can be classified as Conduct Unbecoming. You see if it is only a violation of Agency policy then the Sheriff does not have to report the facts to the FDLE and since the FDLE trusts all the Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, everyone is happy. And if the employee upon being advised that they are being investigated resigns most Agencies drop the investigation to avoid embarrassment or discovering other employees involvement.

As of this date has confirmed that the HOA in question is the Wekiva Hunt Club Community Association.(5) It was revealed that the WHCCA does not know how many hours of work are involved and as such the total amount of money which might be owed to their association is unknown. It was revealed that all of Lt. Weippert payroll records were turned over to the SCSO and that it is believed that the SCSO will conduct its investigation to determine the exact nature of their loss if any. Off duty detail records revealed that Lt. Weippert worked for the Sweetwater Oaks HOA and the WHCCA from 01-01-2010 to 8-14-2014. (5)

The irony of this entire allegation was revealed in having been provided with an article alleged to have been written by Lt. Mike Weippert which appeared in the "WEKIVA NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS" dated July 3rd 2014. Lt. Weippert wrote:

“To prevent that which sometimes occurs we must continue to be watchful. There are persons that choose to take from others, thinking it’s an easy way to money. In Seminole County resources are hard at work to prevent that easy score….” (6)

We at do not believe that the investigation, if ever completed, will determine that anything improper or illegal was done by Lt. Weippert or any other SCSO Deputy Sheriff who has or is presently working for this or any HOA. We believe that the SCSO Professional Standards Unit will carry on its tradition of constructing an investigation in order to accomplish its predetermined outcome.

So what are we to believe since the Seminole County Sheriff's office is keeping all the facts confidential as protected by FSS 112.533(2)(a).? Only time will tell, but our sources tell us that Lt. Weippert is not the only SCSO deputy alleged to have received pay for work not performed. But lets us not forget these are only allegations and that all of the facts are not in yet. We at will follow this story. There can be only two outcomes to this investigation. Either Michael Weippert is an honorable law enforcement officer of honesty and integrity or he is a liar and a thief.

We will wait for the results of the investigation and should the allegations be proven then we will post the REST OF THE STORY. As for now please read the attached documents and watch the WFTV Channel 9 News story by Mario Boone. And should you have any additional facts into this incident or any similar incident feel free to contact

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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
-Edmund Burke