Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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Sheriff Eslinger a Model of Corrupt Leadership

On Friday March 13, 2015 a little fact presented itself in some of our local news media outlets involving a former high ranking member of Seminole County Sheriff Donald Eslinger's inner elect having been arrested for stealing and being a liar. (1)

Lt. Michael Weippert

His name is Michael Weippert and we here at reported on this criminal several months ago.(2) Or do we have to call him an alleged criminal? Let’s be real. Based on the reports filed and the arrest warrant I feel confident enough to risk having a lawsuit by this piece of dirt.(3) So what is the big deal yet another one of Sheriff Eslinger’s finest being exposed for the piece of dirt that Don Eslinger has surrounded himself with over these twenty four years.

For those of you who do not know the history of Lt. Weippert, he rose to the ranks and was a glory boy. He did whatever the Sheriff wanted him to do and even when he was caught being a thief in the past the Sheriff just looked the other way and promoted him. And this is exactly how things operate in the world of Sheriff Eslinger.

You hire and surround yourself with pieces of dirt that owe you everything and then you own them. So then one day something comes up and you as the Sheriff reach into your little file and pull out that bit of information that you have on this coward of an individual and they do whatever the Sheriff demands.

We do not expect much to come out of this investigation. It will quietly go by the way side. Our State Attorney will cut him a deal. The felony charge will be reduced to a slap on the risk and everyone will pat themselves on the back and things will go on as usual. We the tax payers will pay a nice fat retirement check for the rest of Weipperts life and he will laugh at us every month on the way to the bank.

You see Michael Weippert knew something that most people here in Seminole County do not know. Get enough dirt on your superiors and maybe even your boss and you are bullet proof. And even if you get caught with your liar thieving hands stealing from tax payers the system will be very careful as to how it deals with you. After all you know where the bodies are buried and they know it.

And as for those other Seminole County Sheriffs Deputies who did the exact thing that Weippert was doing at his details, you had better start looking over your shoulders. Might I suggest getting you facts together. Maybe you can return some of your stolen money back to the homeowners associations as well.

And as for you Sheriff Eslinger you must be so proud of yet another one of your top leadership being exposed for a man of no integrity, a thief and a liar, and to quote a local Chief of Police, “A SCUM BAG”!

Integrity, Honor, Respect and professionalism starts at the top of any organization but here at the Seminole County Sheriff's Office Corruption at the top results in the filth falling through the ranks to the leadership appointed by Sheriff Eslinger himself.

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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
-Edmund Burke